How to learn Copywriting fast like a Pro. The Best 6 secrets on how to use words that sell.

Words that sell. Learn Copywriting fast and understand the 6 Secrets. 

Is your Copywriting innovative, creative, trendy, interesting unique or is your copywriting boring, uninteresting, tedious, and stale? Learn Copywriting fast like a pro. 

“You are only one sales letter away from being rich.” Those are the words from one of the greatest copywriter Gary Halbert. “

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A Sales Copy has more impact on how much money you make with your Website, company or blog than anything else.

If you build the most fabulous Sales Funnel or hire the most expensive designer to create your amazing Website than you must know how a great offer has to look like. 

But if you miss the target on writing a fantastic headline with incredible bullet points and you suck in writing your sales copy your sales funnel will simply not convert.  That is a fact. 

When you write a blog or a text, and you are in the marketing branch or just writing content for your site, you need to know how to write good content that people want to read.

Most Entrepreneurs struggle to write a fantastic Sales Copy or Sales Letter. 

How To Learn Copywriting fast like a Pro

Who says it is  difficult to learn copywriting like a pro?

Lots of Entrepreneurs believe they are not good in Marketing or Sales. 

Copywriting is not difficult when you use the right words that resonate with your readers. Selling your products then will be easy.

Some great copywriters are Jim Edwards and Gary Halbert.

Here are a few tips on how to use words that sell and improve your copywriting.

Lesson 1: What is mental copywriting? 

Quickly explained whenever you see an ad, you think to yourself how could you make that ad better. 

Example: When you drive down the street, you see an Mc Donald Billboard on the road. There is a picture of the Big Mac with French Fries. “It says Think Big get a Big Mac.”

In your head, you should not be thinking about how the big Mac will taste with a fresh cold coke. No, you will be thinking, how could I improve this Billboard ad? 

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So you are going to rewrite that ad mentally, like Think Big get a Big Mac at Mc Donald, 2 miles from here.

Or when you have a doctor’s visit and see the magazines lying on the table, grab one and look at the ads.

You may see one of those electric dog water bowls where the water is flowing.

The ad says: “Best electric water bowl for dogs with long ears.

“Rethink and rewrite this ad mentally in your mind so that a customer would buy that water bowl immediately. 

You could say: The best electric water bowl for dogs with long ears. No more wet ears and no more wet floors.

Do this mentally. When you see ads, it trains your mind and helps you write better ads that sell on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Bing or Yahoo over time.

When you start writing ads, make a game out of it and see how much of the text can you rewrite and make fantastic ads out of them.

Use a journal and use them on a later time when you need in your ads. The best thing is that there is no equipment involved. 

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➤ Lesson 2. Learn Copywriting. Benefits vs Features

No one is interested in the features; your reader is only interested in what benefits it can have for him and what it does for your reader. 

Does  your product solve the problem? 

So how do you know what your reader needs? Answer six questions about your product.

(Sourcebook Jim Edwards)

Question 1: 

Why would people buy my product? What is mine? Why? Without a strong why people won’t buy. 

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Question 2: 

What are five ways my product or service will help them, improve their life, or make them money? 

Question 3: 

How can my product or service help them save money, over the next year, week or month? 

➤ Question 4: 

How does my product or service eliminate mental pain or worry for them? 

➤ Question 5. 

Three ways I or my product/service can help my audience feel more comfortable? 

Question 6. 

What is something they don’t have to do anymore once they get my product or service? (This is how to figure out how it helps them avoid effort) 

If you take each of this question and sit down and think about it, you will be amazed at what you come up with. 

Force yourself to come up with at least three answers to these six questions.  Means you will have 18 answers. If you can get more answers better for you.

With these 18 answers, I am sure you can list great benefits for your product. ( please note they have to make sense) 

Learn Copywriting like a Pro fast. 6 secrets to success

Lesson 3.  What is a Swipe File? 

What is a swipe file? Well, it is a folder you keep excellent advertisements or excellent pieces of copy.

A swipe file can be digital or physical; it doesn’t matter.

I keep a swipe file on my computer, and when I see ads or an advertisement that makes me wow, I will save it. ( I have categorized them for easy searching on my swipe file)

You can take a screenshot of it or use snag it and copy it over to your folder. How you do it, is up to you.

I also do this with a great sales letter. I will bookmark the page or sometimes print it as a pdf and keep it in my swipe file. 

Have a look.

This is a completely free and curated Swipe File maintained by some of the top marketers in the world. Swipes include Pricing Structures, Sales Pages, 

Please understand you will save many files. A good idea is  from time to time, go through and declutter your computer. Get rid of what you do not need. ( If you do not systemize your swipe file, you will be drowning and spend hours searching for things.)

Please understand you will save many files. It is important that you go through from time to time and declutter your computer get rid of what you do not need. ( If you do not systemize your swipe file you will be drowning and spend hours in searching for things. 

Learn Copywriting. What is supposed to go into a swipe file? 

Well, I always save things that make me click on them, say things that make me sign up, look at my competitor’s sales copies, and save some I find appealing.

I save things that make me laugh, and I also keep things that make me go wow,

Now the purpose of this swipe file is that later when you’re trying to think of something.

If you’re running out of ideas, you can go back to your swipe file, start browsing through it and get ideas immediately.

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For example, if I’m trying to write a sales page.

I’m at the price section, and I am running out of ideas,

For example, if I’m trying to write a sales page. 

 Go into my swipe file. 

In my swipe file, there is a section that is called pricing.

See how other people structure their pricing pages.

Get some inspiration or copy the idea if it is good.

Ensure you keep a copy from your Sales Letter or Advertising campaign.

Another tip : Ads that do well, I create a different folder as later I might go back and use the same ad again.

Lesson 4. Why  Trim, Trim, your Content or Sales Letter is important?

Copywriting aims to take information from one brain and transmit it to other minds.

The point of copywriting is to avoid hitting an article’s specified length or getting fancy.

In short, the point is to get across information from one brain to the other—the more concise, the better. How long a sales copy is depends on the product and the audience.

Some say at least 500 words some say less than 200 words. It is up to you, and you must try to convey your message.

One thing is for sure people do not want to read a novel as a sales copy.

There is never one size fits all.

➤ My Secret Tip only for you.

Most Marketers make this mistake and wonder why the sales are slow. 

One thing most people make online is that they do not segment their traffic. That means they give the wrong message to the wrong audience.

One thing most people do online is that they need to segment their traffic.

That means they give the wrong message to the wrong audience.

What is Hot source, warm source and cold source ?

You need to segment your messages by the quote and unquote your traffic temperature. Someone on your email list and following you on social media is a hot source.

Someone who is looking for a solution to a problem but they have yet to learn from you are warm source.

Another source is that some audience doesn’t even know there is a solution but know they have a problem. That is a cold source.

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Lesson define your audiences and then write the sales copy. 

Joseph Sugarman is a copywriter, and he quotes. 

In the editing process, you refine your copy to express what you want to express with the fewest words.” – JOE SUGARMAN

Lesson 6.  Learn Copywriting and Listen to yourself. 

Read your copy out loud to yourself. Listen to your reading.

Reading out loud is a very, very transformational exercise. The reason most people have trouble writing is that it’s a very unnatural thing to write.

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Think about it. You sit down at a desk. 

You are looking at a screen, 

You are typing on a keyboard, 

You are using a mouse, and you are trying to convey information that otherwise would be spoken. 

If you speak to your friend, you don’t sit down and start typing. Like 

 “Hey, what’s up, Bob?” 

For a sales copy, it does not come naturally. Reading your sales copy out loud is important to see if it translates to speaking.

If you read many articles out loud to a crowd, it would sound like you’re reading an article.

So instead, read your copy out loud,

do it at your desk,

Use a microphone and record it,

and then listen to it.

You can also use voice to text, and it will write it out itself.

Sometimes when you dictate your thoughts, it is easier to write them into an excellent sales copy.

There you can see if it is boring, fantastic or just an article that puts people to sleep, or an article that is so exciting that people getting excited.

Push some boundaries and see how it sounds. Sometimes we have to spice it up to make the text in our sales copy look sexy and exciting.

Technology makes things easier. Use your iPhone, Android or Samsung phone.

Be considered and use Earphones or Earplugs when you around people. 

Of course you can outsource it, but hey try it yourself first. How to learn Copywriting fast like a Pro is giving you all the tools you need. 

A Handbook to Copy Writing.
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4 thoughts on “How to learn Copywriting fast like a Pro. The Best 6 secrets on how to use words that sell.”

  1. Wow
    I never gave it a thought before that copywriting could be as simple as this, i spent everyday learning copywriting, but difficult to understand, but this article has just taught me what i should know, most especially were you said we should focus on benefits rather than feature.

    This great, thank you so much ❤️

    • Hello
      Lots of people do not think of what to write that interests there audience. But it is an important factor for being successful.
      To write copy that is interesting to your target audience, you need to understand their needs, desires, pain points, and language. Once you have a good understanding of your audience, you can tailor your copy to their specific interests and speak to them in a way that they will find engaging.
      On the other hand if you do not understand your target audience you won’t be able to write copy that resonates with them, and your copy will be less effective. This could lead to lower conversion rates, fewer sales, and less engagement with your brand.

      Thanks for commenting on my blog

  2. This is an eye-opening read for me Silvia. I have no background at all in copywriting but as time passes on my blogging journey I realize increasingly it’s a vital skill to develop.

    I love the tips you’ve listed: they’ve given me much to consider and a kind of template to work towards / practice. I’ve also never kept a swipe file, even though I’ve recognized ads or copywriting in that I thought was funny or smart. I’m going to start documenting them now to refer back to and analyze.

    Thanks for this.

    • Hi Paul

      It is a great idea to look at what other people do with ads and copywriting. It is interesting to see after a while what draws attention and what will stay at the shelf so to say.
      There is a great book out there for copywriting and it is interesting alone from the headlines how the author gives you tips and tricks. Tried some of the headlines and I was impressed how it actually works. Copywriting is a skill and when you are good at it or master the trade you can make loads of sales and money.

      I hope you have fun and enjoy the day
      Cheers Sylvia


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