What Is The Key To Success In Life? 9 Important Steps You Have To Get Right To See You At The Top.

Is Education the key to Success,  or is  Motivation the key to success? What is the key to success?

I watched a video by Jim Bunch and he talks about the 9 environments. I thought this is so good that I like to share the summary of the video. I believe he is a great motivational speaker and this video made so much sense to me. When do you ask” What is the key to success in life?” The answer lies in the  9 environments

Why is it that so many people come to the seminar they want to change their life, they buy the books, the course, the tapes, the CD they do all , they are powered up for 2 to 3 days excited and pumped up they have the feeling and want to change the world,  they think they found the key to success but what is it that it always happen…

They go back to their life, and the environment takes over they go back to there same old pattern old habits. Then they start again searching for the so-called “What is the key to success”?

Is there success without stressDo you know why this is happening?

Why can people not change? Is it because they want to use willpower to change their lives. Willpower alone will not work. Life is made out of different ingredients and you need to consider them all. That is called the nine environments, you need to leverage each of your environments to succeed.

Your Environment the key to success or failure

As humans, we do have a direct relationship with our environment.

You need to consider your environment if you want to change your health, your wealth, your financial situation, your relationship, your success in the long term. 

The environment you live in influences and directs your success or failure.

What are the 9 environments that influence you?

 Get the example of a fish who lives in a dirty fishbowl with dirty water how likely is this fish healthy?

Well, a fish is depending on his environment for life. If the water is clean and filled with all the nutrients and minerals he needs his environment is healthy the fish will be healthy if the environment and the water is dirty the fish will be not healthy and his lifespan will be short.

How healthy is a fish in a healthy environment

If the environment we are living in is inspiring us we are healthy, wealthy and happy. In other words, they energize us. If the environment we are living in is expiring us means it will drain our energy we are miserable, sick and unhappy. In short, you could say a short time before we have a burnout.

What it means, an expiring environment draining and literally sapping the juice out of you. Your battery is going to be dead soon and if you do not recharge your battery ( means taking a break) you are in a critical condition of a shutdown.

That will also keep us away from reaching our goals and dreams.

Without any power or energy, we are not able to achieve new heights. We are happy just to get by. The longer we live in an environment like that we accept it as normal and we make this our new reality. 

we are all connected to each other

Where is the Connection to the Environment? Do you know…

It is YOU … Memetics…

You are in the middle and you are connected and people that are healthy, wealthy, and happy are very conscious about what they let in into their environment. 

1. The Memetics is that the key to success?

Memetics is your Memes your concept your ideas and your beliefs. The idea about this is your information, knowledge and ideas you receive, all this will influence you. These are things and ideas that are passed on to you through different channels. As this is passed down to you from your parents, and the people in your life we become a by-product of that influence from that environment.




It is like food intake you are what you eat, the same goes for the environment. Your environment reflects who you are. If you have a lot of friends that are rich and successful the chances that you are successful and rich is there. If most of your friends struggle you might be struggling too.

There is a nice saying around it says “stand guard at the door of your mind” 

Can you understand the meaning?

You have to be conscious and aware of what is being programmed into your mind.

Ask yourself when you see the news in the media, watch TV, meet your friends your parents and your family are they inspiring or expiring. If someone would ask you what would you do differently than your parents what would that be?

There are some things you would change but in general, you have adopted from the age 0-7 most of the beliefs from your parents, the media and the tv. All this has been programmed into you.

All the media, the TV, the radio, the print, the social media, it is not the best environment to get healthy wealthy and happy.

It influences you on a certain level. Just looks at kids when they see the advertising on TV some they know the add and repeat what the add is saying. A lot of Advertising triggers exactly the buttons in the consumer to buy the product. 

Just go shopping after you watched in your subconscious mind the adverts for say some general product. Next time you go in the supermarket and you come across that product you will buy it. 

Can you relate to this …

Most of us wash their hands after we touch the money…

Why? because we are told money is dirty.

Do you remember to get told that if you want to succeed in Life you need to work hard? Only hard work will make you succeed. 

The reality is there is no hard work involved in success. It comes and goes with your mindset and environment. “You are what you think”

I like this saying from John Assaraf…

‘Close the gap between the life you live and that you want to live!’
– John Assaraf



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Make the best out of you now

2 people born on the same day same hour the same country but in different cities, should have according to Destiny the same outcome. Right?

Wrong, it depends on the influence of the environment parents, teacher, friends, social network on how that person is shaped with values and characteristics. One might be poor and unsuccessful and the other rich and successful.

Inspiring or Expiring

Take a few seconds and think. Is the environment you live in, inspiring you or is it expiring you.

Is it pulling you out and push you to do more, or is it pulling you in to hold you back? Is the information you get bombarded with each day positive or negative?

I think most people agree that 70% to 80 % of information out there is not inspiring it is actually not helping you at all, most of this information is manipulating you to behave like they want you to behave. ( For example: If I don’t go to this event with my parents they are upset so I might well go. But I hate to go.)

So what can you do about it, you can actually start being more conscious of what you let in into your environment.

There is a reason why they call it TV programming.

If you start to listen to self-improvement videos or audios and do not adjust your outer environment it will pull you back in the same pattern as before. You need to change both the inner environment that is you / your mind and the environment you live and interact with. ( outer environment)

The same goes the other way around. If you change the outer environment but not your mind eventually you will go back to old habits.

The stronger the environment is, either the inner or the outer it will always pull you back into your old behaviours. 

New Years Promise

We do it each year the first 3 to 4 month of the beginning of the year we have all our good intentions set.

And the winner is your environmentWe go and work out lose weight, stop smoking, watch less tv, go more out, have a better relationship, the list goes on and we change some of our routines but eventually before the 4th month comes around we are already back to the old behaviours. Our old environment once again pulled us back. And The Winner Is Your Environment. 

Remember the environment is pulling you either forward or pulling you backwards. If you make a change you need to change all. The roadmap to success is in your hand. 

2. Environment  the Body your vehicle for your soul

 Body, Overall health, Your Primary Energy Source, Nutrition, Excercise, Personal care, Health Team, Internal Systems,

The body the eye to your soulEvery one of us has a body, different shapes and different forms. Some are happy with their body and some are not. Some are successful and happy, and some are unhappy and frustrated. 

So where do we get our energy from…

a. Most of your energy you get from high-quality positive food. If you eat healthy and good clean food you have a healthy body. ( that is your vehicle) 

If you eat junk food or microwave food your body will eventually tell you ok that is it, I have enough.

b. The same goes for your mind if you keep a clean mindset and clear thoughts you will be most of the time a positive person.

We all slip and we have low and heights with moods and that is totally ok, just be aware of it. When you catch yourself drifting than take a few deep breaths to come back to a positive state of mind. ( I know it is not always easy and someday impossible I get it )

Think of a Car 

Think of your car …you will make sure you fill in the right gasoline, as if you fill in the wrong gasoline the car will go slower and is not running on full power,  and eventually the motor will be damaged and the car breaks down.  The same logic goes for your body.

After years of mistreating your body, you start to have less energy and eventually fall sick. 

Your body is an environment for you, and it has nine other environments around it.

If you are with positive people your day will be filled with great and positive ideas and energy.

If you surround yourself with people who complain and are negative all the time you will eventually become like them. It does not matter how strong and positive you are, slowly you will change with the environment. ( you adapt and that is part of nature) 

The nutrition, the exercise, the people, your surroundings that are all Influencers who will affect your health, and your energy.


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3.Environment your self the inner self of you

your inner value 

Let me ask you something …

what and who is stronger when at 10 pm at night you feel hungry and you walk over to your refrigerator to get something to eat especially if you have your favourite food there.

Most of the time the environment wins. “Do you remember the saying the will is strong but the flesh is weak.

Your inner self is your inner architecture. It is your core of you.

“Rich and successful people do not live their life by default, they live their life by design.”

They get life coaches, mentors and make assessments of who they truly are. They find out what is their strength, the weakness they have, the talents they have and the gifts they have been given.

They discover themselves and then design the environment according to there strength, weakness, gifts and talents. The environment is constantly pulling them forward and is not holding them back.

They understand who they are and that makes them what they are. If they need to get things done what is not within their gifts and talents they delegate them to other people.

Keep in mind you will achieve your goals efficiently, effortless and on time when you stop relying on your self to complete your goals and start partnering with your environments.

4.Spiritual Environment is this the answer to success?

A Spiritual Connection to a higher power.

A lot of people get confused between the spiritual environment and religion. Religion means by definition two or more people gathered and share a common belief.

They have a common belief about this thing called spiritual. There are 17 major religions. They have all have a variation in their beliefs but share one thing in common that is the connection to a higher power.

The spiritual Power

You have to ask yourself do I have environments that Ankers me and or connect me.

Or do I have environments that disconnect me with myself? A good example is social media, even we have more connection now out there but a lot of people feel more disconnected than ever before. There is no more face to face interaction.

When you look at how you stay connected, how do you stay in that sense of flow with the universe ( alignment with the universe) ask yourself is it by prayer or meditation, do you need physical things to connect you like beads, rosary, or singing bowls, or do you have symbols or signs in your home and office to remind you to stay connected. ( religious symbols, like the cross, a Buddha statue, a picture of your god, etc.)

This is all ok. But why do we need to remind us to stay connected? We lost the connection, we have so many things to be grateful for and that reminds us that we are connected. We don’t realize that we breathe Air we take it for granted. If we pollute the Air we only harm our selves. Same goes for water, we take it for granted and if we destroy the resources we kill our selves. We take it for granted and we are not grateful to mother nature. 

With well-designed environments, you should feel the flow and harmony, and you should save time, energy and valuable resources by doing your environments properly.

5. Environment is Nature

Nature is a great Teacher

Nature is life, plants, animals, the outdoors, the geography and the seasons. This is my favourite environment. People who live in a country with 4 seasons do not see much sun and in the winter month, and life can get quite depressing.

A lot of people in seasonal countries have a seasonal affective disorder that happens to humans “us “ who have a body but do not get enough light.

We need light sunlight to give us energy it converts in our body into vitamin D.

Vitamin D is a Mood enhancer and people in a country with lots of sunshine are in general more happy and alive than people with less sunshine.

If you live in a country where you can not go outside for 3 to 4 month a year because you do not like snow or the cold weather does it impact you and your environment? Does it impact your body, yes absolutely.

Let me tell you something you can design environment, you can change the environment, you can influence the environment, and you can leave the environment. Lots of people leave an environment due it does not suit them for a couple of months in a year you can live in a different environment throughout the year.

Why do people live in different environments because they know that the environment is energizing them and it works with them? They know it influences their mind, body, spirit and soul. (They know what is the key to success. )

Not everyone likes the snow and not everyone likes the beach so when we recap this we can add, shift or change environments if it makes us feel better.

6. The next environment we are talking about is your physical environment

physical environment a view to your soul

This environment is the one we start to change first as it is the easiest to change.

Anything you can see around you is your physical environment. Your car, Your desk, your chair, your carpet, your computer ….

If this physical environment is designed properly, you are focused and efficient.

Your performance is higher. But if you live in a physical environment that is cluttered it will create a scattered mind and you are less efficient. Your performance is lower as this environment will drain you.

One of the easiest environment to upgrade is the physical environment. If you want to start right now then start with the physical environment. Get rid of things that bother you each time you look at it.

Declutter your physical environment. Get organized remove things lying around …

Keep your home clutterfreeDon’t do all at once, start with one simple thing and experience how you get the energy from removing this simple thing. Empty some draws and see how it feels.

Maybe you want to fix or upgrade your broken equipment, maybe you want to change the drapes add more sunlight, declutter your work desk, and remove the things that bother you each time you pass it.

Paint the room in a bright colour if the room is too dark, change the light bulbs that are broken. You will be amazed how much difference it makes.

Please note in an office you should be awake, so bright colours and natural light is great. When you redo the bedroom it is a place to relax and sleep create it as relaxing and calm as possible.

There should be no TV and electronics in the bedroom the bedroom is for rest. Electronics do have EMF ( Electromagnetic fields ) and they can keep you awake at night or enhance a broken sleeping pattern.

Those electronics are activating you and do not let you relax.  ( the EMF corresponds with your brainwaves and keeps them active instead of letting them slow down.)

On the flip side if you walk around your house with a list and write down all the little things that distract or annoy you, believe it or not, but those things take your focus away, and you will be surprised when those things are fixed how much more energy you have. ( Don’t believe me do it and try it out) 

Those things you tolerate each day we call them toleration, and believe it or not but those things they actually keep you from tolerating at your best.

When you do that you actually realize how much those things have you grown roots with them, those things are your past and are holding you back to move on to greater things. ( look at your cloth how many pants have you not worn for a year because they are to lose or to tight, but you keep them there just in case) 

7. The next Environment ” your finances”

A lot of people take interest in that but remember you need to improve and design all the environments not only one. 

financial Environment a suffering for many

This environment is about your finances and when you have a company or building one you need a team, to be successful.  If you struggle in one environment it will take off the focus of the other environment it is like a domino that will go through all the environments in a circle.

Have you seen people struggling in a relationship? What does it do to there finances? It takes the focus off, ( we all say they can’t think about that one now) It impacts your focus the same goes vice versa. How many relationships are being destroyed because there is a struggle in the financial environment?

You have to stop for a moment and ask your self…

Do I do finances by default or by design, you might be surprised that it will trigger something. Ask yourself is it possible to upgrade and redesign my environment to accelerate my success.

It is not only possible it is highly likely that your financial environment will improve. If you upgrade your environment you will upgrade your life.



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8. The next environment is Networking is that the key to success 

The Internet, your social media networks, your clubs, groups, and your friends and associations. They all define who you are and how successful you will be. Very successful people understand that winning is the by-product of a well-designed network.

Instead of following the networks you randomly bump into, take one step back and think what are the best networks for me this year to improve my thinking, improve my finances, improve my health,  my relationships and my business.

A lot of people just join a network because someone else you know is already there and joined the network so you just follow.  Facebook makes it easy it shows you how many friends you know in this group. Look at a network as an environment that either inspires or expires you.

Environment Networking

If the network inspires me I will participate but if it expires me than it is not a network I want to join. I have a friend and I removed her from my feed as she posted all the negative stuff, I do not want to see that so I decided to remove my friend. 

Remember your NETWORTH is often related to your Network. In other words, Money has species recognition, what does that mean?

People who drive Ferraris hang out with people who drive Ferraris, people who build companies hang out with people who build companies.

People who whine, complain and grump they hang out with people who allow them to whine, complain and grump the whole day.

If you are hanging out with people who are successful the odds are that you are successful, if you are hanging out with people who have bad habits, or they are the psychic vampires who drains everyone or they are constantly complaining about life and money it does not matter how strong you are, over time you adjust to that environment and it will drain you or better say it expires you. It means it will pull you backwards.

9. The last environment is your relationships

I left this one for last as this are your Family, friends, your Colleagues, your neighbours, people with whom you connect daily, staff, team members, mentors, coaches, pets, and this is one of the most difficult and hardest for people to change.

First why?

Because everybody you are in a relationship with has an environment and most people don’t want to change their environment.

They think they are comfortable but the truth is they are not comfortable they are in reality very uncomfortable but they are very familiar with there environments. That is why they don’t want to change. 

So my challenges to you are this, don’t focus on this one first… focus on the physical environment, spiritual, memetics, nature,  upgrade your body and so on, you will find that over time the challenges you had in your relationship environment will start to dissipate.

Only then you will realize that changing your relationship environment is actually pretty easy.

Invest a little bit less time with people who are toxic, ( there are a lot of people in a toxic relationship) spent more time with people who inspire, uplift, who are positive and motivate you.

Relationships with family and friends

A long time ago I left our little town and went overseas. I started to work for a person who became my mentor for one whole year for free. We went from city to city and from country to country and what I did not realize was that I started to change because my environment changed.

Years after that I went back home to our town and I have great friends their amazing people but they are doing the same thing over and over and they have not changed. They do the same what everyone else does. 

Why because their environment did not change? A person the body cannot change when the environment is not changing.

Picture and design your environment to be a constant source of wealth and Ultimate Wealth and Inspiration. That is the key to success. 

Are you willing to change your environment to be a constant source of inspiration, ultimate wealth and success?

You see if your environment is not growing and evolving as you grow and evolve you will be living in a state of drag. You will be living with low energy, resistant’s, slow movement rather than living in a state of inspiration.

By designing your environment there is a constant source of Inspiration, you will find your daily habits, your actions, your goals are actually easier to detain and you no longer need to rely on willpower to get the job done. Isn’t that refreshing?

So let’s get started and take inventory of all the nine environments and ask your self this four questions? 

Four Questions you need to ask yourself.

  1. Why is this in my environment? ( when you walk around ask yourself why I have this desk, lights, lampshade, pictures on the wall and so on? ) and if it is not inspiring you than get rid of it. When you go into your living room, bedroom etc, ask your self is it designed to inspire me in health, wealth and happiness or it expires you.
  2. What prompted my choice to invite this thing, person objects etc into my life? Was it a conscious choice or was it a gift, or was it an unconscious choice or a momentary choice. ( For example how many of you still have the same outfit as 20 years ago, and you keep it because it might fit one day or holds memories? This thing is holding you back and keeps you in your past. )
  3. Is this serving me to win my ultimate game? Is this serving me to create happiness, health and wealth?  If not then maybe it is time to get rid of it. Say goodbye to it. 
  4. Ask yourself do I now understand what is the key to success in life?

Once you start to live  life by design instead of living life by default,  once you accept and learn to upgrade these nine environments,  

I promise you will have 

  • more energy,
  • better focus,
  • you achieve your goals easier,
  • and you have way more fun with life.

The good news is the moment you start one and you get this energy boost, it will be easier to do the 2ndone the 3rdone  you might even get addicted to it. I challenge you to this and get started right now with one thing, not in 10 minutes or one hour start right now to do one thing.

It can be anything, delete emails from your inbox, get rid of some paper that is hanging around you never got around to put it into  the shredder or bin, empty a draw that needs reorganising, or turn of the social media for two hours to focus on a project whatever it is… do it now.

Remember everything is an environment and it either pulls you forward and inspires you or it expires you what means it drains you and is holding you back to achieve your goals.

I hope I made you understand “what is the key to success in life. ”



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Please let us know your progress did you start creating your environments for success. Please come back and let us know did you made it or did you be taken in again from your environment?

Cheers Sylvia


Here is a podcast with Jim Bunch 

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How To Declutter My Life…















14 thoughts on “What Is The Key To Success In Life? 9 Important Steps You Have To Get Right To See You At The Top.”

  1. having a positive mindset is essential for success. When you approach life with optimism and confidence, you’re more likely to achieve your goals and overcome any obstacles that come your way.

    Thanks so much for this article, I’m gonna share it with my friends

    • Hello
      Did you know that your brain decides on how much you can earn. Not your mind. The body is brain driven not mind driven.
      When the brain controls the body and your mind than it is time to change. ” There is a nice saying around it says “stand guard at the door of your mind” The meaning is, You have to be conscious and aware of what is being programmed into your mind.Do you remember to get told that if you want to succeed in Life you need to work hard? Only hard work will make you succeed.

      The reality is there is no hard work involved in success. It comes and goes with your mindset and environment. “You are what you think”
      It goes on endless and if you look around in your environment you will see things that haven’t changed over a decade.

      Here is a Free Webinar Brain A Thon
      Take time for it as it goes 5 hours.

      Have a good week ahead of you

  2. I really like John Assaraf-I think his company neurogym is very interesting. I enjoyed watching him in the movie ‘The Secret’ I loved how you mention at the end the family dynamics. I think it is so true that when we start to clean up all the other environments that it can have quite a profound impact on personal relationships. I have recently experienced this within my own family. I had not been getting along with my partner and felt stagnant, which was part of the reason I decided to create my own 30 day declutter challenge of the house, and the dynamics between us now are much better and I still have so many other environments I want to work on. It makes me feel powerful and realise I have more power than I ever thought I did affect positive change in my life through simple things. 

    • Hi Liz 

      I love John Assaraf and he just gave a online Seminar with 8 other specialists to talk about Rewire your Brain. 

      The Environments play a big role and people do not recognize that they live the same pattern day by day month by month and wondering why nothing happens in their life. I love de-clutter and a lot of people don’t agree with me but it lifts up some energy and makes you feel lighter. Sometimes we have to get rid of things as they just drain our energies. I love when you say “you have more power than you ever thought” it is a great and so true statement. 

      I wish you all the best with your challenge and let me know the outcome. 

      All the best 


  3. Thank you for such inspiring post about key of success. Environment holds our success ad our failure,our happiness and our anger,our poverty and our richness..all depends on our move.

    If we choose to be happy,we will walk towards happiness not by will but by action.If we want to be rich ,we will walk towards richness and this must includes action.

    This post has many tips to succeed in life.

    • Hi Julienne 

      There are many ways to improve for success. As all is belong to the environments including you ( you are also an environment) and they inspire or expire you. 

      Everything is created within you … We come from abundance we do not go to abundance. 

      The more aligned you are the more success you have. 

      Atma Namaste 


  4. Hi Silvia,

    Wow what an excellent informative post.  I had a quick look at it and must say this covers everything you need to become successful.  I am going to bookmark this page and study it from top to bottom and get myself a goals schedule based on the information in this post.

    If you have to start your journey to success, what will be your first step?

    Thanks again for sharing a helpful and informative article!

    • Hi Rika 

      I love talking about the nine environment as people do not believe that when you want to change you need to change in all areas of your life, the same goes for success. 

      The first step to success is when you start change you as the physical environment as this is the easiest to change. What it means walk through your home and eliminate all the things that bother you or raise your thinking I need to fix this, make a list and eliminate that distraction one by one. That alone will raise your energy level and you will be surprised of the feeling and emotion you get. 

      The key to success lies in our selves. We don’t get abundance we come from abundance. 

      Atma Namaste 


  5. Great post and in one way this is motivating.

    I have an office why is bald and dark grey, and the people here don’t have any energy, but also nobody stands up to say to change it.

    What I will do is share it with everybody here, so we can reshape it, and everybody can have energy, a good mood and being motivated.

    Really thanks for sharing it!

    • Hi Emmanuel 

      Thanks for sharing my article. I hope your office will improve and if you can not improve with colors or new painting than get some office accessories in colors so they lighten up the room. 

      Not having energy in the office has something to do with stagnant energy, to enhance the energy in a room have a look where is the most clutter, like files no one wants to work at, documents that need filling or shredding. There is always one area in the office where things are unloaded. Everyone sees it everyone feels bad but no one wants to change it. I call it the all drop corner. Same in the home there is always one place that looks never neat as family member leave there keys there, some magazines, the bag etc. 

      Start with little things and you will see even the people who are hard to change will benefit and start doing something to improve the energy in your office. If you work with other people you have to motivate them and over time they have no choice to change as the energy is stronger than human. Thanks for stopping by. 

      Atma Namaste.


  6. Hi  Sylvia

    Thanks for sharing a good article to read to know more about how I can be more successful in life, something many talk about but just a few take the time to explain in detail how it works and what to do to make things easier and better.

    After reading your article and taking some notes, I have a few ideas where to start to make the change in my life to live better!

    It’s good to know about how environments can set an influence on everyone but once you know about it, then you can know what you need to change and things will work better. 

    • Hi Alejandra 

      Yes, it is true to know where to start and change is important. I love the fact when Jim Bunch said people do it for three month and then they get pulled back into there old habits. As changing with willpower is only short lived. 

      I was always wondering what happens with the new year solutions to change for greater health, better life, better relationships, and the list goes on and after max of 4 month we are back to square one. I thought this is so interesting that I need to share this , a lot of people are caught in their own treadmill and never make it past 3 month. Thank you for stopping by and have a beautiful day

      Atma Namste 


  7. Thank you for sharing such a deep inside about how we are all connected and influenced by our own environments.
    The hardest is to press the start button and do the first change.

    • Hello Maite

      I have long thought about this why people fall back into the old habit including myself. When Jim Bunch discussed the 9 environments I thought this is the perfect explanation and the way he brings it over is great. Jim Bunch was speaking in one of the webinars from John Assaraf and I have to say for me it was a real eye-opener. John Assaraf is hosting an event on the 6th of October it is called the Free Brain A Thon Event online yes you read right it is free and he has invited 7 other specialists in the field of Mindset and Neuroscience.
      You can watch it from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet and a mobile phone, tablet or computer. Here is the link Please when you have time sign up for it as it is absolutely free. Don’t miss it John will talk about everything that is a contrast to us in daily life. Procrastination, Fear, overcome your fear, be more productive etc.
      Thanks for stopping by
      See you at the online event


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