The hottest Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals!

The best deal for Black Friday! 

best deals for black fridayAre you tired of the 9 to 5 job or just looking to start a business on the side. Whatever your reason is coming to this page it means you are ready to change your life. ( Otherwise you would not be here right)

You come to this site as you are properly looking for the hottest Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals! Read on I have the best deal for you…

When you go to work because you have to and not because you want to then do it as I did it. Work in your current job until you can make the same income as your online business than you can fire your boss. ( That feels great I can tell you) 

That sounds great, doesn’t it? Don’t get me wrong I loved working in my job, but when you climb up the corporate ladder, the rule is that you will spend more of your time in exchange for money. 

I decided this year in January 2018 that I will quit my job and work full time on my online business. 

I can tell you that was a significant change I am adapted now, but the first 3 months I wondered if I made the right decision. 

Yes, I made the right decision as now I can spend more time for me. You did not misread I said spending more time for me.

I am married, and I have kids, and I love to spend time with them but I also love my freedom, and I just have achieved this now. I am getting paid for being me. 

How can you achieve this freedom? 

It is simple … ok not that simple, but in general, it is easy.

Sign up for the Wealthy Affiliate University. ( I suggest you sign up and pay the one-year membership now from 23rd until 26th of November only US$299 instead of US$499 if you can afford it. If you can not afford yearly than go monthly.)

You are correctly wondering why I ask you to sign up annually or sign up monthly? It is scientifically proven that if you commit to something and you pay for it, you will stay on the task longer and most of the time you see it through. 

The best deal for Black Friday is this Wealthy Affiliate Membership.

With Wealthy Affiliate, you have a platform that will teach you all you need to know to be successful. You can follow the step by step instructions in your own time and your own pace. 

Further down I will include a summary of what you will get for your investment. ( of course, you can also sign up for the seven-day trial here and then convert to yearly or monthly.

I will give you the first month after the seven days free trial for only US$19 than the second is back to US$49 a month) 

What I also want to say is working from home with a laptop and internet has advantages and disadvantages.

It sounds great, and all say live the laptop lifestyle work from anywhere and make money overnight.

It is excellent but don’t forget it is a business, and this is a reality. Every Business needs nurturing and love that it can grow. 

You also have to be aware that you have to start somewhere and there is never a good time to start.

I am a premium member since 2016.

Wealthy Affiliate Membership dealTo make money online is not just done with clapping your hands and magically the money appears in your bank account or Pay Pal account. It takes time, effort, persistence and passion. 

Wealthy Affiliate is a great learning platform with so much advantage that it is your go-to place when you are stuck, frustrated, overwhelmed, fear and all the other feelings combined with doubt that will creep in when you start your business. 

I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate, and you are always welcome to reach out to me to give you guidance and support. 

The community here is excellent and inspiring with more than 1.3 million members you always have someone who answers your questions. It is an international community from more than 195 countries. 

Wealthy Affiliate has a proven track record, and if you google it, you will find pro and cons about it. That is ok, and it should be like this. Not everyone is made to work from home and make money online.

Every Product has pro and cons as we are different human beings with different needs and different views. 

One thing you have to keep in mind is that Wealthy Affiliate will provide for you all the tools and education ( even the website hosting and keyword tool), but you are the one who determines if you are successful or not. 

Can you relate to this saying ” You can bring a horse to the water, but it has to drink by itself.” 

That is the same with any other business we can provide the tools, training, knowledge and education but you are the one who determines if you are successful or you fail. 

Now I tell you what you get when you sign up with me for  Wealthy Affiliate Premium.

Cyber Monday and Black Friday

My Bonus for you.

  • I will give you my free “Work from Home Manual “( Bonus) 
  • The Free Diamond Traffic Program ( This is a five star Bonus) 
  • I will send you a mindset movie for free. ( As I believe to be successful you need the right mindset. Success is 70%mindset 30% System)
  • You have access to me, and I will support you ( Bonus) 
  • Access to my facebook group 
  • If you sign up for the seven-day trial and pay monthly you get the first month for only US$19. 

join now today

What do you get from the Wealthy Affiliate Program

  • Free website hosting for 25 sites( domain you buy yearly US $11-US$15) Premium member
  • 25 free hosting of the website with a siteRubix extension ( totally 50 sites for premium members) 
  • Direct access to Kyle and Carson ( the owners and co-founders) 
  • You will be a Member of a great Community( 1.3 Million Members)
  • Online Entrepreneur Certification Courses ( 5 Training Levels/ 50 lessons) 
  • Affiliate Bootcamp Certification ( 7 Training levels /70 lessons ) 
  • Go through the Training Courses, Step by Step ( click here to sign up for free and have a sneak peek) 
  • Weekly Live Classes (and 1000’s of hours of replays) Each Live Class is about online marketing you have all in one place without searching every topic on the internet or youtube. )
  • You will receive an Online Entrepreneur Certification after Completion of the course
  • Ambassador ranking through your active engagement in the community
  • Learn about the different Affiliate Programs/ guidelines 
  • Great Networking with the Members that formed great Relationships
  • Building Websites  in Word Press, no technical stuff, no HTML coding
  • Website Performance Tools ( site speed, rank checker, and more) 
  • SSL Certificate included
  • Website Engagement Platform (SiteComments)
  • The Hosting Platform ( hosting of 25 websites is free)
  • Site Content Writing Platform ( including more than 1.000.000 stock images available for free, and grammar checker)
  • Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool( Alphabet soup) 
  • You learn how to use SEO on your site (how to rank in Goole on the 1st-page organically )
  • How to write a blog ( Key ingredients)
  • Link tracking
  • Email provider for your premium websites ( Site Rubix will not have email service available )
  • Live Chat, 24/7 Q & A)
  • 24/7 Technical Support 
  • You will have direct access to successful affiliate marketers 
  • Full Access to all future updates ( no extra payment) 
  • Private Messaging with Members 
  • Mobile friendly platform ( you can use a tablet or your phone to operate WA Platform) Additional Training resources from members
  • and so much more

best deal wealthy affiliate membership dealStill not convinced that this is the best deal for Black Friday?

Are you convinced to take the first step? It is a Black Friday and Cyber Monday Offer and will only last from 23rd to 26th of November. This is a great deal and if I suggest if you have not yet a Christmas present for yourself then get this. 

join now today Flack Friday

What better way to spoil and look after yourself and invest ( this is not an expense) in yourself. Or ask your partner, to give you an early present. 

I gave my little sister Wealthy Affiliate as a Christmas Gift last year, and she is so happy about it. She is doing well as she still works in a part-time job. 

She has achieved already a monthly income of $890-$1275 a month. She uses the money to come each year to visit me at Christmas here in Singapore. 

That would never be possible for her if she would not have taken the initiative and joined Wealthy Affiliate. Each year my sister and her family fly with Singapore airlines direct flight as they can afford that extra what it cost to fly in premium economy class. 

You have to know that she is German and her English is basic, but she does all in English. Her website is in German. If my little sister can do it so can you. 

wealthy affiliate the best christmas giftThere is never the right time …

What are you waiting for? Remember there is never a right time that is just procrastination. 

Those who stand at the threshold of life always waiting for the right time to change are like the man who stands at the bank of a river waiting for the water to pass so he can cross on dry land.” by Joseph B. Wirthlin

Join Wealthy Affiliate today and have a stroll through and see if it suits you. Give me a buzz when you signed up, and I will reach out to you. 
I believe this is one of the best deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Happy Thanksgiving And Happy Shopping for Black Friday…

So long 


PS: Here is the link again no need to scroll up again. 

join now today Flack Friday

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