What is the secret to making money with Google Adsense? How much money can you make each month?

Is there a secret to making money with a Google Adsense Account? 

I guess everyone who started in the Internet world with online marketing has heard of Google Adsense. How to make money with google adsense

Google is one of the biggest search engines and it dominates the market. 

One of their advertising services is that they use the space of your website to advertise for their customers.

Using Google Adsense on your website is a great way to earn extra money.

What is Google Adsense and how to make money with Google Adsense?

In my opinion, it is a good way not the best way to make money is with a Google Adsense Account. The approval is not so difficult, and it does not depend on how many visitors you have on your site. That is the beauty with Adsense. 

Google AdSense is helping website owners to earn money by placing ads on their site.

In the beginning, the earning is small but it will grow eventually together with your visitors coming to your website.

If you do not have a website you are not able to use google adsense to earn an income. Need a free website click here it takes less than 90 seconds to set it up.

How does it work? Will it affect the outlook of my website…

Adsense is matching your text and then displays the ads according to your site content and visitors.

All these ads are paid for by the advertisers who want to promote their product.  Different Ads will have different prices so the amounts you will earn vary. When people click on those ads that when you earn the money. 

The price is not high you might get 10 cents per click all the way up to $20 per click. In my experience, you can make an average between 10 cents and 50 cents per click. I have never made $50 per click.

Here’s how AdSense works in three steps:

1. You make your Ad spaces available

2. The highest paying ads appear on your site

3. You get paid

Original Picture courtesy by Google Adsense

How do I get more visitors to my website?  

There is only one-way making money with Adsense, and that is if you get free organic traffic to your site. 

There are different ways of getting visitors to your site. For example, through SEO, sharing your content on Social Media with linking back to your site. ( Read my blog on how to get more visitors to your website click here)

What are the best Traffic Sources?  Where can I get quality traffic? 

The best traffic sources are search engines. When you have a website for examples about motorcycles that term alone been searched more than 10.000 times and more per month on Google.

So we can say if your website gets on the front page of google for this term than expect good traffic. (Remember not to use a Traffic exchange site to get more traffic to your site/page where you display Google Adsense ads. Your google adsense account will most certainly be suspended .)

How can you get your website ranked on the first page of Google, Bing and Yahoo? 

Ranking well in the search engines has become a science all of its own. There are different methods out there on SEO and how to approach it. 

What worked today might not work tomorrow. The Algorithm is changing so fast. All it comes down to a few critical factors to a good ranking and one of them has a well-written website with quality and updated content.

It is essential that you frequently update your content. Use keywords and learn the basics on how to rank in search engines.  You will need a good and easy to use keyword tool. It is not so difficult to do it, but it takes effort and work. It always has worked for me. 

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Just think about when you are looking for something on google what you do to find specific information.

It is the job of the search engine to provide you with the content you search for on the world wide web.

Cheating the system has worked in the past, but not now the search engine been adjusted. 

People have tried and used methods to trick the search engines into ranking their content and sites, without doing any work or without the constant update of their websites.

That is only short-lived as eventually, the search engine will fine-tune their system to detect those things. When you then been penalised, it is a hard way to come back.

Trust me if you produce unique, original content with actual work you are rewarded. 

Best way to use a keyword tool

SEO and Keywords. The best tools to rank and get organic visitors

Keywords play an essential tool in ranking your content. Using a keyword tool is also a benefit to understand where is your competition and how can you outrank them. Writing content and keeping your website up to date is not always easy but with determination and producing quality content you will end up on the first or second page of the search engines one day.

The 4 areas you must master. 

You need to master four areas correctly in order for you to make a good income with Google Adsense and these are: ( Want to know how  I learned to master all four areas) 

1)            Good Quality Content

2)            Keywords and low hanging fruits 

3)            Advert placement, size and construction

4)            Targeted Traffic

When you Master each individual area well enough you will increase your Google Adsense income. Learn how to master all four areas.

If you are master all four of them that will take you up to the top level of Google Adsense earners.

Q: Is it possible to make a good daily income from Google Adsense?

A: Yes it is, and you will be surprised at how much you can achieve by doing some minor adjustments and tweaks to your general layout and the set up of your website. Be clear about it… you are not getting rich with Google Adsense. Just do your math, but it can pay well over a period of time. 

A great free Keyword tool you need to have. 

If you want to specialise in websites and you have different sites, and they rank well with adsense ads on them you might be able to make up to $500 a month. ( I said you don’t get rich) Create website ‘s in no time 

It is pretty simple to make money with adsense using this formula. 

Google Adsense facts

Problems with all advertising system are they try to blind you with a massive list of high paying keywords. Google Adwords bidder pay a high price for a particular keyword, and you will then try to include those keywords in your website page so google ads will put those top-paying ads on your website, therefore increase your clickthrough payment. 

Well, the fact is that most of the Ads, Google will put on your website rarely pay more than $3 per click for Google Adsense.

I run a few sites with Google Adsense with a supposed to a high earning keyword, and the most I have made per click was $3.80 per click. I would say Google adsense average pay per click lies by 0.10-0.50 cents. 

E-books that promise you the stars with Adsense courses

Even if some of the ebooks claim that you will make the so-called 70 Dollar per click, the best paying keyword out there at the moment is ( the time I wrote the blog could have changed one month later) 

Auto Insurance the CPC is $ 54.15 

google keyword planner price Insurance

Don’t believe them it is just another so-called scam to get you to buy their course. Adsense videos are available for free at YouTube and from Google itself. 

The highest you properly get paid for that Keyword Auto Insurance is $5. If you look at it is logical Google want to make a profit and even with $5 per click it is not such a bad deal. 

Google Adwords Fact

Google Adsense is one of the biggest advertising company out there. It draws many publishers, and Google Adsense will have no problem filling up the 100% of their available inventory. You can only earn money with Adsense if you have a website. Create your free website here  

The deep pool of advertisers that Adsense is offering is a technology that can rotate through a vast variety of ad types until it finds the right one that performs well on your website. 

Unlock the secret of Google Adsense

Publishers get paid relatively quick. The standard payout is within 25 days of the previous month-end. That is my experience.

Google Adsense lets you even remove ads you do not like. One thing is you need to follow the rules.

Most complaints about Adsense is the inability to deal directly with any person on google. It is impossible. Unless you are a huge customer, you might have a representative talking to you. It can be frustrating if you have technical issues and need help with fixing them. 

Adsense is quite popular among Online Entrepreneurs, and there is much information available online for cures and problems. The warrior forum is a great place to ask and get information from other marketers or help. 

 Publishers who work with Adsense are allowed to supplement with direct sales or other networks. You can run three ads of Adsense and three units of another Ad-network as long as the Adsense units are kept unique.

Means that the units of the other Ad-network are not styled to resemble the look and feel of the Adsense Units. 

If your Google Adsense Account is not approved there are alternatives to Google Adsense.

Top 11 Google AdSense Alternatives for Your Website


One more thing, you should take as a precaution. It does not take much, and sometimes you might not be aware of it, Adsense might suspend your account,  and because of the lack of customer service, it is difficult to get a chance for a successful appeal.  One thing keeps in mind do not use traffic exchange traffic for your pages with Google Adsense that will get you suspended. 


You can put Google Adsense on your site as an advancement for a steady income but again keep in mind that it does not make you rich overnight unless you have 100.000 visitors on your site.

My advice is sticking to building your website and create good web content daily or at least three times a week and add Google Adsense on some of your pages, and the search engine will crawl and index your site. With persistence and determination, you will have soon steady traffic to your website. Organic Traffic needs time.

With Google Adsense, you can make a small fortune enough to pay or treat yourself for extras. I have google adsense on my website, especially on my e-commerce sites. 

Do you use Google Adsense on your website or do you have a Google Adsense Account what is your experience? Do you like it? Please share with us …your do’s and don’t.

If you are working with Google Ads but you do not know how to set up Google Ads here is free training.  Click Here



Download our free e-book. 5 quick ways to get more traffic to your website.

Download Your Free Copy. 5 Quick Ways To Boost Your Website Traffic.
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