When You Are Struggling With Time Management. What You Are Doing Right Now That You Need To Stop Doing Right Now.

Why You  Struggle With Time Management And How To Fix It. 

Our day has 24 hours, out of this 24 hours we take around 6 to 8 hours sleep and the rest goes either for work or entertainment. Lots of Entrepreneurs do not have much time as they struggle to get things done. 

A lot of Entrepreneurs let their dreams die. Why? they struggle to survive. 

I have asked myself many times why? I struggled in the beginning for the first year. I could not get the tasks done what I did write down …  I created my Trello calendar and google calendar for the week and by the end of the week, only 30 % had been done.  Want to know “Why” simply because there was always something coming up that needed my attention. 

I believed in my mind I will get things done. I achieved my goals and task I wrote down for a couple of days and then something came up again and my system or routine was gone again. I started again and again. In the end, I procrastinated week for week. 

I could not believe myself and I made excuses and talked myself into it that tomorrow I will do all. I was just kidding myself. 

It became very quickly a hamster wheel and I was chasing after time and started to work longer and longer. I asked myself is this what I wanted from a freedom lifestyle. Being an Entrepreneur?

Managing time is not an easy task and everyone who is working at home can tell you that this is the A and O in daily life. Time management is necessary to plan and start a productive life without working yourself into an early grave.

It took me a long time to understand that Time management is more than just writing down your daily schedule, tasks, and magical thinking to achieve them. There is much more involved than just time management.

You can believe me when I say it has something to do with your mind and your brain. If you do not synchronise your mind with your brain, and your brain with your time management and goal schedule you will never manage time and achieve your goals. 

Did you know that out of 100 people only 10 people achieve their goals every time?

Time Management a challenge for Entrepreneurs                   Image  from Pixabay

What is the biggest struggle Entrepreneurs face when they have to manage their time?

When you start your own business and work from home, you are faced with different obstacles to managing your time.

I think we all know this and for an Entrepreneur, this is nothing new we all been there or are still there. 

Each day there are different distractions like people pop in to see you, as you work at home and you have time that is the assumption of a lot of people.

If you are married or in a relationship, your spouse will ask you to do certain tasks as you are at home, for many people working at home they can not see as real work.

The end of it you get distracted by phone calls and or social media, your kids come in and want to play there are so many distractions each day.

When you are an Entrepreneur it is important to learn how to say NO I am working. You need to have a room or a place where you are not disturbed and be able to focus and work…

Time Management easy to do                                                                           Image from Pixabay

How can you manage your time efficiently? Good question and believe it or not but you have to learn the how-to … 

Everyone talks about working smarter not harder that sounds great and can be looked from different perspectives. But how do you actually put that into action? Have you heard about the 80/20 Rule?

1. Prioritize on what’s important. Easier said than done. It all comes down to making decisions. 

Write down all the things you want to get done for the day.

Everything from writing content, researching the projects, balancing the chequebook, planning a campaign, answering emails, communicating on social media etc.

b. Assign a specific time to each task. Between 15 min and 4 hours.

c.Select a task and use a timer like your phone or clock. Try to finish that task as soon as possible. ( that means you will NOT answer the phone, not get up for a drink, you do not surf the social media, none of that you stay focused on the task.

If your task is 2 hours then you should take a 5-minute break after a 30-minute interval. That way you are more inclined to continue in an efficient way and get the task done. This is called Timeboxing.

So do you think that works? From my experience, it works for 2 weeks on and off and then you are back at the drawing board looking for something new.

The problem with all the time management programs is that it all starts with tasks and no one ever talks about your brain and mind. Because those two are the ones who make things happen. Your Brain is the key for you taking action. 

Not your piece of paper or google calendar that are just tools to help you to organize but achieving these goals that begin in your head or better say brain.

One program I have used for 3 years now and I have to say it works well and all the task  I set out for me in one day, I achieve. I even learned to differentiate between timewasters and efficient productivity tasks.

It is the Brain training from John Assaraf. ” Winning the Game of Money”

Neurogym time management

Goal achievement and Time Management

What I have learned in that program is that I am in charge of my Brain and Mind. When I set a goal than my Brain and Mind will do everything to achieve that. It is like you go into the gym and you build up muscles and that will help you lose weight.

The same goes for your Brain and Mind. You need to innercise it to build the strength to do what you set out to do.

This video series is free and it will show and help you with how and why you are not achieving tasks set out in time management schedule. 

Here’s what you’ll learn in this FREE 3-Video course:

  • The reason why you must first gain clarity and focus on your goals before you can achieve them.
  • How you can use “The Science of Motivation” that guarantees you’ll achieve your goals. Every. Single. Time.
  • How to use the S+T+T process to simplify your goals so you will automatically do what you need to do
  • Why old-school personal development goal-setting techniques can sabotage your success and what new research shows us to do instead

Whether you want to earn more money, become healthier than ever before or find the love of your life, this science-based course will show you how to use your “emotional computer” to have it all.

This video series is free and does not cost you anything. Spaces Are Limited. Claim your spot now.


Join the free video series John Assaraf

Anyone who loves to procrastinate is now able to overcome the lack of inconsistent time management. It all begins in your mind.

I know what you think now another program, no really trust me this is the foundation to learn and go through when you want to manage your time and achieve your goals every time you set them. I am not joking.

This video series is free and you have nothing to lose only to gain more knowledge.

Your special bonus Free Life Blueprint by John Assaraf. Yes, it also free. life blueprint

If you do not want to join or if I can not convince you to take the free video series than I have a few tips to help you.

Outsourcing and Delegate your work. 

Think about outsourcing the tasks what you don’t like so much and the tasks that take you ages to complete. Not everyone is a professional in every field. Procrastination comes up because there are a lot of tasks that need to be done but we will find ways to get around it and find always something else to do, why because we don’t like to do them. This way you are able to manage your time wisely.

There are plenty of reasonable possibilities to outsource daily work tasks what do not require many skills but are time-consuming.

Check on Fivrr, Upwork. Freelancer, etc. 

 Control your Interruptions

By far the biggest challenge is getting interrupted constantly, but to be very frank we allow it! Someone comes into your workspace and says “Do you have a minute”? We never say ” No I am busy” 

Because you are a nice person you say “Sure come on in.” Bad move. Now you have given away your time. What you can say is “I am in the middle of something — can you come back in an hour?” Now you are doing something brilliant — negotiating for time. via Managing Time Is the Biggest Struggle Facing Entrepreneurs. Here’s What to Do About It.

It is so easy said, but the only way to do this and actually get going is either you create a home office where you can close the door and work in peace, or you need to set rules so everyone understands that when you are working at home, you are actually working and need to get things done.

How you do that, use the time to block method. Have a calendar visible or share through google calendar or Trello and let everyone know your time schedule. People will respect that, and in the long run, it is already 20% what you achieved in your time management. Scheduling time is a great way to achieve your tasks. 

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Join the free video series John Assaraf

Your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow, so focus on being productive instead of being busy.

Stay tuned in to what’s important and delegate, eliminate and accelerate as part of your daily processes.

Time management can be as complicated as you want to make it, but I highly recommend this 3 video series from John Assaraf. It is worth doing.

A well-organized Entrepreneur finds time for everything that’s important, which in turn leads to effective action, productivity and ultimately success.

Entrepreneurs who do manage time efficiently are on the way to succeed in this business.

Am I wrong when I say that you quit your 9-5 Job and became an Entrepreneur to have a lifestyle you always dreamed off?

You did not become an Entrepreneur so that you can work around the clock. Remember why you become an Entrepreneur and wanted to escape the 9 to 5 Job.

Have your goals in sight, and do think that working 24/7 is not what you signed up for when you became an Entrepreneur. A Secret is being productive and not only busy.

A smart way to tackle Time Management and Goal achievement is investing your time and gain the knowledge to manage your time. Time Management and Goal achievement is a big part of an entrepreneurs life. 

Register Now for the Free video mini-course and get the Exceptional Life Blueprint as a Bonus!

Join the free video series John Assaraf

If you know someone who is interested in Time management and goal achievement please share my post.

What is your idea about time management and goal achievement what do you use and do you agree with me that all starts in your mind and brain? 

See you and all the best Sylvia 













26 thoughts on “When You Are Struggling With Time Management. What You Are Doing Right Now That You Need To Stop Doing Right Now.”

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    • Hi Ellie

      Thank you for the compliments. I hope you will find your way with time management. I know it is not always easy to stay on track or do the things you are supposed to do. Sometimes life kicks in and this is a reality in a work at home environment.
      You can download my free ebook to Achieve Success beyond your wildest dreams. It is a great way to understand and train yourself to achieve everything you want.

      have a beautiful day

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    • Hi there
      I hope I helped you with your struggle on time management. I know time management is never an easy task. Even I have days where time is flying and I can not get things done. But we are all human and there are those days.
      In general, when you have a daily plan on your task it is easy to do follow and get them done.
      One major distracting point is when you have too many windows open on your computer, and social media. So set yourself this goal that social media is only on certain hours accessible. That will help you improve your productivity and stops you just being busy. Thanks for stopping by…
      All yours Sylvia

  3. Brilliant article! Time trackers have eased the trouble of monitoring time at work. It enhanced productivity for remote workers. For instance, the best time tracker is one that I can suggest out of the experience. It will keep working without network coverage, captures screenshots to dissuade you from wasting time, and create daily work video to keep an eye on the level of productivity. In my opinion its best for freelance work.

    • Hi Ezra
      Thanks for spending time and commenting on my article. I agree with you Time management is important when you want to get things done.
      I work a lot with time management as when you have several duties you need to use your time wisely. One important thing is that sometimes we need to delegate our work to others to make most of our time.
      I see you input a link to the staff timer app tell us more about it. If you like you can make a guest post on my site.
      contact me if you are interested.
      Cheers Sylvia

  4. The 80/20 rule is something I’ve been working on and it’s sure proving it effectiveness. When deciding on marketing my skills, I keep asking myself when I will be ready and the time just keeps sipping away and am tired up with indecisions. Finally overcame those by applying the 80/20 rule and I have seen myself become better in my craft.
    Goal setting and To Do list – works for me, I get that zeal to do more after striking out those I’ve set out to do and it builds confidence and discipline on the long run.

    • Dear Shella
      I have been working with the 80/20 rule now for a long time, and the most challenging task for me, in the beginning, was how do I decide what is important and what is not. The list is a great tool to do. It works well. My secret is a 10-minute focus quiet time to choose 3 things that are money making activities. I will write them down and analyse in my head how long I will need for that task after that I go to work and do it. I will make it my goal to do them in 24 hours. This is my routine and works very well for me.
      I also did a workshop on mind over matter. It is called Brain A Thon
      have a beautiful day and thanks for stopping by

  5. Brilliantly put. I use a timer, I make a list, and I try to avoid distractions. However working online means that I spend too much time on social media!! It’s bad! I like the article about the Time management as this is great and it helps a lot. I will implement your strategies.

    Enjoy the journey!

    • Hi Mandy
      Using a timer is great, and it keeps you on track. It took me entirely some time to get organised with my time to be most efficient. I have done some Time management coaching for other companies as they got really behind their deadlines. I love Time management, and I love to organise my work.
      In today’s world, professional are juggling time against quality and cost. Our environment is changing so rapidly, and there is no room for compromises. I see a lot of people working long hours and long shift to get their daily goal. When you work in a busy and time restricted environment, it is crucial to plan, set priorities and act decisively and quickly. When you the five proven time management approaches you will not worry about any deadline anymore. Read my blog about the 80/20 rule
      Thanks for stopping by
      Cheers Sylvia

  6. This is a great article and something I’ve been struggling with. Time management is so critical if you want to get things done. Things I will put into practice is writing down what’s most important and starting with those tasks first. You mention outsourcing tasks, as a blogger at what point would you say is it time to get someone else to do tasks for you? I would imagine you’d have to make some money from your blog to justify hiring someone else to help out. Thanks for the info.

    • Hi Celeste,

      I appreciate the time you took to read this blog and I’m happy it helped.

      You ask a very important question. When is the right time to start paying for someone to do some of the work for you? The answer of course is….”it depends” ! 🙂

      There are a few factors to consider:
      1. Are you keeping up with the blog writing that you need to do for your own ranking, and still feeling like you “have a life”?
      2. Can you calculate what you are worth per hour, by dividing the monthly or annual income you make, by the number of hours you work? And is that hourly rate more than the rate being charged by the outsourcing member to write a blog?
      3. Is what you write about or your writing style so unique as to make getting a ghostwriter not worth considering?

      Generally I find that people hang onto all of their tasks too long, afraid to spend scarce funds that they do have.

      However, if you are good at your craft, and know you can earn more money if you have more time to spend on promoting your blog/service/newsletter etc, then it’s perhaps a normal yet irrational reaction to not pay for help.

      Therefore, sometimes by waiting until you make money before spending money, you are in fact limiting the amount of money you can actually make. 

      Have a fantastic day and rest of the week.


  7. I’m definitely struggling for time management and more time at the moment. It feels like I’ve become a workaholic with the amount of tasks I need to get done each day.

    I can definitely relate to the hamster wheel analogy right now.

    The struggle I have with prioritising what’s important is actually figuring out what’s most important to begin with, as with what I’m doing online, that’s not always clear or evident in the beginning.

    Some really good tips here and I’ll definitely apply what I’ve learned.

    • Hi Darren

      I know where you are coming from. I struggled in the beginning too. I was very fortunate to have a boss who told me always “financial success does not require hard work.” What he means is that do the things you love to do as they will lead you to success and the things you don’t like so much outsourcing. He always said don’t try to do the tasks you don’t like they cost you time as it will take you longer to do them pay someone as money is easy recovered but you never recover time. We are good at some things but not at everything. If we do not like a task, we start unconsciously to procrastinate. 

      Have a great day 


  8. Hi Sylvia, I just paid another visit to your website today because the last few days, or maybe as long as a week, I’ve been struggling again with time management in spite of being a believer in the Law of Attraction.

    In your response to my question on 17th March you said that they way you prioritize your tasks is what makes 80 per cent of your profits.

    Even though I’m an expert at procrastination, do you really think that I could do similar to you with regard to prioritizing my tasks if I were to take advantage of the Time Action Machine?

    I look forward to your response.

    • Hello Valerie 

      Thank you for coming back to my site. I am sure you can improve the efficiency of the Time Action Machine. 

      The best thing I like about it is that it does not need me to spend days to figure it out how to use it. It is easy to use. I use the Time Action Machine, and I have to say I have improved out of my daily schedule 3 hours more efficiency. That doesn’t sound much, but it is a lot for me. 

      I highly recommend the Time Action Machine. 

      Have a great day 


  9. This is a phenomenal article not just for business professionals, but for college students as well. Time management can make you or break you. In our world you have people that work very few hours or do the bare minimum, and then you have people like Elon Musk that work to superhuman capabilities. You made some great points in terms of prioritizing that’s important. Great read!

    • Hi Joe,

      Thanks for your kind words and your interesting input.

      College students and Elon Musk. Two very different and yet fascinating cases of time management application.
      Our Son is about to have his first formal exams as he nears the end of Grade 10. He knows that his final two years or school will make or break his chances of getting into the University of his choice. It seems really unfair that teenagers have to go through so much pressure at such a young age, but that’s the system and all we can do is make the most of it. So our Son is trying out one or two Time Management Apps at the moment. He actually prefers the ones that block his access to sites that distract during certain times of the day when he has to complete homework. He’s also realizing that to get everything done in Grade 11 and 12, he’s first going to have to record all his deliverables in one place like a diary, and then start breaking big projects down into daily, weekly and monthly tasks. Only time will tell how it works out…pardon the pun!

      Elon Musk is quite the contrarian when it comes to the conventional wisdom on time management, yet he hhas admitted to using (explicitly or implicitly) the 80:20 rule. Who better to talk about this then the man himself…!


  10. I really loved this article. It does stress how important time management is. I do like how you give options to what you can do. I really need to watch out for distractions. I get distracted really easy and so this helped. I will have to try to watch my time a lot better. We never really notice how much time gets away from us. Thank you for all of the information.

    • Hi Alene,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences.

      Every one of us face distractions on a daily basis. You’ve already taken the first step to live a more efficient life simply by recognizing that fact.

      However, we all have family members and loved ones (two legged or four legged :)) that we want to be around and share our life with.

      So it’s definitely a balance.

      One method I have tried to enhance productivity and also reward myself in between task completion is what is called the Promodoro Technique. You might find it something worth trying.

      To your success,

  11. Hi Sylvia,
    Great article on why time management is important, thank you for sharing your thoughts and findings with us. I agree with you 100% regarding the importance of time management.
    I am one of those types of people that has a hard time not doing something. My wife will sometimes make fun of me and my daytime to mark down “to do” stuff and ask if I’ve checked off taking a shower. She thinks she’s so funny but the purpose of the day timer is for me to keep track of the important things to do that day or week or month.
    Besides some of the techniques you’ve shared I will also look at my list and if I’ve overscheduled myself (as I tend to do) will make sure I finish the top priority things first since I know I will probably not get some things on my list done.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Mat A.

    • Dear Mat

      You are fortunate and very disciplined to follow your rule with prioritizing your tasks. I am a big fan of time management. A structured to do list is such a time saver for me. Time management used in combination with the 80/20 rule is so productive and efficient. We can not always control how the day goes but if we schedule the important tasks first and finish them off anything can happen as we have done 80 percent of our daily work. Continue using the day timer it is essential and keeps you on track. If you want to reach your goal you need to use the shortest way from Point A to Point B. The longer you take, the more distractions come your way, and the chances that you reach your goal is getting further away.
      You are doing great 

      Atma Namaste

      PS: Read my post The 80/20 Rule… achieve more with less effort

  12. We all get distracted, and when more and more people are heading online with work and social media is such a huge part of that it is so easy to get caught in the “scroll”. I always start my most important tasks first thing in the morning, but I find sometimes after lunch I am less motivated. What do you suggest to do to quickly “reset” my brain and get back on track?

    • Hello Amanda 

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Time management is an easy task to do, but I am always surprised how many people don’t use it. An excellent way to stay motivated after lunch is taking a 20-minute power meditation. I call it power napping at it puts back the focus and energy in my body. If that is not possible start after lunch and take after 30 minutes a 5-minute break. The body has different times when it slows down, and I usually use the slower times for me to do things that do not require so much attention. 

      I hope that helps and a great way to increase productivity is with the Pomodoro Technique. It uses a timer to break down work into intervals, traditionally 25 minutes in length, separated by short breaks. It Works well with any age. Hope this helps. Have a great day and a great week ahead of you.
      Atma Namaste 


  13. Time management is something that never came naturally to me. I admire people with a naturally strong will and determination to let nothing get in their way of achieving the daily tasks.

    I have found by prioritizing tasks I achieve more. But when there are two or three urgent tasks, it can be difficult to decide which to deal with first.

    I have never heard of a Time Action machine, and maybe that could be of help with achieving my daily tasks.

    What I believe in, is the law of attraction and how we can control our actions through our thoughts. When I start a day with positive thoughts of achievement, the day always goes well. I may not achieve everything I’ve planned, but will carry unachieved items through to the next day.

    • Dear Valerie

      What a great suggestion and I am a person who loves Time Action Machine. In general, I like Time Management combined with the 80/20 principle. That way I prioritise my task what make 80 % of my profits. 

      I have written about the 80/20 principle, and I am amazed how easy it is to implement. https://myfreedomlifestylebiz….

      Time Management is so easy if you do it over a period, then it becomes a habit. I could never do what I do without my Time Management.

      For an Entrepreneur, Time Management is an essential key to success. 

      Thank you and have a great day



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