Feng Shui For The Office. Attract More Prosperity And Customers For Your Business.

Have you ever thought to use Feng Shui for the Office?

Did you know that in the Asian Countries Feng Shui is widely spread and used? Some of the bigger and very successful companies have their own Feng Shui Masters on a corporate consulting salary. 

Feng Shui your Office

I have done this for more than 25 years, and I have to admit, I would not sit in an office what I can not arrange the way I want it. I even Feng Shui my Home Office.  I even have a Feng Shui Garden. I still remember my first Feng Shui arrangement I did for myself.

I bought all the charms and lucky items I am supposed to have. I had to use cash as those days no credit card.  I am sure the lady in that Feng Shui Shop had the time of her Life she knew I had no idea and found always another item for me. Have to say she knew how to sell, as she sucked me right in. When I brought back all the things and took the book and the notes I wrote down from the lady in the Feng Shui Shop, Boy… I thought my god my apartment looks like a Chinese lucky charm shop. 

Floating hotel Ho chi Minh cityThat when I decided there must be another way around it. Then I met Lilian Too and Yap Cheng Hai in Vietnam they came there to do Feng Shui to the Floating Hotel a famous Hotel at that time. I was quite interested in how they solved the problem of the Hotel not making enough money and boy I was impressed. Long story short that when I started to study Feng Shui. 

Q: People ask me many times, is it true that when you do Feng Shui in your office, you are more productive?

A: Yes you are, as in plain simple there are directions where you are more productive as they do support you, then there are directions what are less productive because they drain your energy.

Do you know people who work 10 to 12 hours and more a day? Some they work hard for there money, but in reality, they never achieve something or never get ahead in their career.

Definition Feng Shui

Feng shui is a Chinese art which is based on the belief that the way you arrange things within a building, and within the rooms of that building, can affect aspects of your life such as how happy and successful you are. (source Collins dictionary) 

My definition is simple, and it is Wind and Water but what means Wind and Water? For me, in simple Terms, it means living in “Harmonie with Nature” or go with the flow.

practice Feng Shui since 1989. I have studied with some of the respected best  Masters from Taiwan, Hongkong and my loved and respected Monk Tai. 

What is Feng Shui not?

  • Feng Shui is not a religion.
  • Feng Shui has nothing to do with superstition.
  • Feng Shui is not a Cult.
  • Feng Shui is also not plastering your office with lucky symbols and objects.

What are the guidelines for Feng Shui at the Office? 

Rule over the thumb you can say anything that is feeling weird or awkward to you is not Feng Shui that will drain your energy. Feng Shui means energy and the energy should flow harmoniously and should enhance your energy not drain your energy.

In Europe, people follow the farmer’s calendar or the 100 years calendar for all thoughts of things, like for haircuts, for planting, doing daily tasks it is used widely. My Mother is still using it.

If you know about the Fibonacci code than you know everything in nature is perfect to align with the environment and mother earth.

What is Energy or Chi 

You can feel the energy you are sometimes just not aware of it.

Energy also called Chi comes in many forms.

The word energy derives from the Ancient Greekἐνέργειαtranslit. energeialit. ‘activity, operation’, which possibly appears for the first time in the work of Aristotle in the 4th century BC. In contrast to the modern definition, energeia was a qualitative philosophical concept, broad enough to include ideas such as happiness and pleasure. (source; Wikipedia)

What is Negative Energy also called Shar Chi?

Imagine you enter a room where two people have a heated discussion and or fighting in one room, the moment you enter the room you feel the tense energy. I am sure you have experienced that before. That is Shar CHI.

What is Positive Energy also called Chi?

Imagine you are on the beach putting your feet into the water, and the waves touch your feet and legs. The smell of the ocean and the peace and sound of the waves gives you total freedom you feel good.

Alternatively, just getting a raise lifts up your energy when you receive your salary slip. That is CHI.

Most of the time we are not aware of the positive or negative energy we only talk about a good feeling and a bad feeling.

Did you know that being successful also plays a big part in overcoming your fears, worries and negative thoughts?

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A few simple Feng Shui Tips for your office.

  • Make sure you never sit with your back to the door. ( that will activate the energy for backstabbing and unpleasant surprises. in short, things happen, and you are not aware off only in the last moments before it hits you )
  • Sit as far as possible away from the entrance with this you can assure your self a “command” position. Do you know why, when you are sitting and looking at the door that is where the energy comes in as well as people? In this case, people symbolize the meaning of flow and money.  
  • One of my Sifu told me ones do not sit facing the window as robbers go out the window, which means people will take your money, take advantage of you or cheat you. 
  • It is essential that you sit with your back to the wall if that is not possible and you are sitting against a window make sure you have a tall building outside the window if that is not possible use a picture with a mountain to symbolize the support. (This is when you can not avoid it. )
  • Your office chair should have a tall backrest to keep you supported by your superiors.

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  • Never sit in line with the door. The energy good or bad that enters will hit you and eventually will hurt you unconsciously. ( shoulder and neck problem)
  • Very important for entrepreneurs, whatever room you are using to work, not to face away from the door; your business symbolically comes through the door so sit facing the door so you can welcome and see ahead of the excellent business opportunity
  • Please consider this advice and do not arrange your workspace so that you can see the stairs, closets, elevators, escalators, toilets, kitchens, and storage rooms.
  • Do not look straight into a corridor the energy will hit you like an arrow.
  • Place an aquarium or tabletop fountain in the East, North, or Southeast. ( consider that it should not bother you, it should be joy looking at it)
  • Keep any water fountain or aquarium clean. When you use a water fountain or Aquarium, ensure it is not behind you. Water in Feng Shui is prosperous but when placed in the wrong place, it can be the opposite. 
  • If you work mainly on your computer, then with your computer you should face your right direction and that is your money direction. Not everyone has the same money direction that depends on your date of birth and time of birth hour, as well as the place you are born.
  • Place a safe made out of metal in the northwest area of your office to enhance financial abundance and financial prosperity.
  • If you don’t know your prosperous directions to use, and the bad directions to avoid, sign up for our calculation sheet.
    You can also send me an email with your birthdate, birth hour and place of birth and I will calculate it for you.
    Consider avoiding having big tall mirrors in your Office as they can reflect negative energy from clients to other people in the room. 
  • Keep your desk clean and tidy. Otherwise, you feel overwhelmed and will stress out. ( Energy can not flow and will get stuck between you and your office)

Office and Feng Shui

  • Sometimes we can not always do Feng Shui as we sit in an office with other people, but there is always a way how to feng shui at the office. Do it around your space. 
  • Use  Feng Shui Colours for your Office. Have the right Balance of light and dark colours. When you use objects to decorate your office, consider the five elements and keep them in yin and yang balance. ( soft and hard surfaces, smooth and rough textures in window treatments, furniture and flooring. )
  • You can also use Feng Shui plants, that said those are plants who can help to remove the EMF ( Electro-Magnetic Fields) in the office. Feng Shui Plants like the Golden Pothos, as it removes chemicals from the air, like formaldehyde and carbon monoxide.
  • It is essential that you have the right balance of yin and yang when decorating your workspace. ( When you enter your office, you should have a good feeling)
  • If you love music, then listen to your favourite radio station as that will lift up your mood. ( I constantly work with the radio on it inspires me)
  • A big NO-NO is putting files from your office on the floor. Treat them with respect as they represent your past, present and future business. It is your income. Treat it with respect. 
  • Keep the cables and cords of your equipment well hidden. ( they symbolize the connection and communication if they are messy than the conversations and contact getting lost and falsely understood with clients and staff.
  • Feng Shui at the office, try to clean the clutter in your office but when you do so, don’t forget to do it with intention. Try to establish some rules with the colleague to keep certain areas clean. 
  • Feng Shui is a simple art and when followed correctly it is a very powerful tool to enhance your work and efficiency. If someone tells you that this is Feng Shui but you feel uncomfortable then don’t do it. I love Feng Shui as it is living in Harmonie with nature and yourself.

Do you catch yourself having sometimes conversations with yourself?

Do you talk to yourself from time to time, make sure that you talk positively with yourself. We often play a conversation in our mind especially if we are angry, did you realize you are not doing yourself a favour with that.

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How do you arrange your Office and Workplace? Are you using Feng Shui for the Office? Before I forget, you can also use Feng Shui for the home office. Do you have experience with Feng Shui or any other practice? Please tell us about it, and leave your comment. I love to hear your thoughts. Thank you

Atma Namaste




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16 thoughts on “Feng Shui For The Office. Attract More Prosperity And Customers For Your Business.”

  1. Wow!  I did not know that having my back to the door would be a bad thing.  Although it is more to the left side, the way my office is setup, I have all my screens (I work with 5 screens) against a wall.  It was like that when I first moved in (I am talking about a home office here) and I used the built-in desk as it was.  

    I do have a lot of good things according to your list, I even have a metal safe on the north west (without even knowing it was supposed to go there). 

    I’ve gone through your list and my position with the door (back left side) is definitely the major flaw in my space…But the thing is that it is a fixed (built-in) desk, so major renovations would have to take place to change the desk’s position…What would you suggest about this?  Is there anything I could do besides changing the position of my desk?

    • Hi Dennis 

      I am always surprised why people do not consider sitting away from the door. For me personally I like to have something solid behind me, it just helps me to feel supported and safe. In Feng Shui they say that sitting with your back to the door opens the possibility for people to go behind your back and stab you in the back. Literally meaning only. It is great that you have already a lot of good things in your office. 

      How to solve this with your back to the door. Hang a small mirror like a truck mirror near your desk or above it than you have an eye on who comes in. Another solution is having a chair with a large back support. 

      Atma Namaste 


  2. Feng shui is interesting to read about.  Many of the concepts of the positioning and other features make sense.  I read all of your post, watched the video and have clicked on the feng shui webpage and am in the process of digesting it to see how I can better incorporate all the concepts into my life.

    Thanks a lot.

    • Dear j52Powell

      Feng Shui is interesting and I think it is one with the harmonic law of nature. In nature all things are perfect and flow and integrate easily unless mankind knows it better and tries to interfere. Feng Shui is a easy and logical science that just tells you go with the flow. There is one scientist I think it is Paul Scheele he said the Body thinks in 3 terms the brain, the heart and the gut. I have to say this is so true. The same goes with Feng Shui why go against nature go with the flow and you are energized and achieve new heights. 

      Atma Namaste 


  3. Hi, Sylvia. This is a very interesting article. I like your tip to put a metal safe box on the north west to attract the abundancy. I also surprised to know that we should not put the file on the floor. I agree with you that we should treat the file with respect because it is the symbol of our future. Thank you for the insight.

    • Hi Melanie 

      There are so many things we do out of habit and not thinking, but if you pay attention to your thoughts believe it or not you can actually stir them into positive directions. Files are not belong on the floor they are your income, values and bills you have to pay or get. Putting them on the floor means you have in your subconscious mind a blockage what indicates you are not happy with your job or income or your life is a mess. You are welcome and thank you for stopping by.

      Atma Namaste 


  4. I’ve heard about this Feng Shui on multiple occasions, so thanks for clearing up the definition. 🙂

    I’m a big believer in promoting the flow of positive energy because there’s far too much negative energy both in the office and in life, in general.

    There are numerous benefits to positive energy in the working environment, with more productivity as you say, which can lead to more job satisfaction and happiness, in my opinion. Heck, being more productive and in a positive frame of mind may even win you a promotion and payrise if lucky lol.

    Thanks for the tips, and I’m sure most people with office jobs, especially in the UK sure could do with these tips for a more relaxed atmosphere.

    The great thing is that once we practice positive energy on the job, it can overspill into other areas of day-to-day life, in my opinion.


    • Hi Neil 

      I am a great believer in positive energy. I hate it when I have to work somewhere I know and feel the negativity. I travel a lot in South East Asia and when I enter some office the moment I step in I like to leave. 

      In the end of the day I can see that the productivity was not so good and if I have to meet again I will change the meeting location. When you work in a office with many people you are not so flexible to do what you want to change but you can make your desk and your area an enhancement of positive energies. There are many ways how to do this and if you can get around 50 % right than the rest falls in place. Sitting in a wrong direction can hold you back from achieving your dreams or just getting things done in a timely manner. If you know the basics of energy flow ( download my 4 good and 4 bad direction sheet) you will be surprised how easy task been done and how quickly contracts are signed. Positive Energy will take over if you keep it up long enough you are right. 

      Atma Namaste 


  5. I adore all things energy related. I teach yoga and practice qigong and very recently I did a 30 day declutter challenge around my house and I feel the benefits of it. I like many of the concepts of Feng Shui and feel living in a clutter free environment is very important. Have you read ‘The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying up?’ If not, you might enjoy it. I have often read and heard that certain things should face certain directions e.g. in the office-but what if it makes the room not make sense and not make good use of the space? For example, my desk faces a wall.  i know this is a no no, but the thing is, if I faced it towards the door, the space would not be well utilised and would likely feel cramped. Therefore, is the most important thing at the end of the day to arrange a room in a way that simply just FEELS the best rather than sticking to all these Feng Shui rules all the time? Are there exceptions? 

    • Dear Liz 

      Yes, I have read the Life changing Magic of Tidying up. This is said from many Feng Shui practitioners who want to sell you there cures and make the home more cluttered. I believe in curing a home with a kind of Acupuncture that stimulates the energy. 

      Feng Shui is not always black and white and sometimes you have to use your creation and gut feeling on how to arrange. If you can not face the door and you face the wall it is OK as long as you feel comfortable and not drained. It is said facing a wall creates obstacles in achieving things. If you use a beautiful wall poster that covers the wall space you look at ( like a beach and ocean or a beautiful garden with flowers )be creative as you want whenever you look at the wall it is not a wall anymore and your subconscious recognizes that. 

      Go with the flow instead of  what should and should not be, Feng Shui is living in harmony not following rules.  When the room feels great to you than stay with it. 

      Atma Namaste 


  6. Great post and it things in it where I never thought about.

    Like sitting with your back at the door and more things, it can prevent you having problems and also you can be more relaxed.

    I will share this post because in the world of today people are so stressed, so busy, and Zen is far away.

    With sharing this I hope some people can understand that being relaxed because of Feng Shui, they get a better health and mind!

    • Hi Emmanuel 

      I am always surprised how many people sitting with their back to the door. I in general feel uncomfortable in a meeting room or in a restaurant I will always sit where I can have a general look what is going on. Sitting with the back to the door can cause all kind of things, from back pain to shoulder pain, to quarrels and rivalry at work or people just going behind your back. It might get so far that people betray you to get the better position. I have seen it all practicing Feng Shui now for more than 25 years and mainly in Asia i have to say it is very interesting to see how mother nature influence us in our subconscious and super-conscious mind. Feng Shui is so logically if you understand the concept. I like this example when my Master is explaining things he always says … Nature created rivers in curves to slow them down… human think they know better and make them straight …without knowing they created a beast that charges at them. One day the beast outsmarts human and destroys all. 

      Atma Namaste 


  7. Hello, You raise some really interesting points in this article. There are many things I do that after reading this I will be changing straight away to promote a more peaceful work area. Having success directly related to positive energy makes sense, and even having the room arranged certain ways to provide for good flow and comfort will ultimately render more productivity. Thank you for highlighting some great new concepts.

    • Hi Cass 

      you are welcome, and I am happy to help. Positive Energy nowadays is so important as we are all slaves to our smartphones and computers. There is no more minute of peace as we are reachable 24 hours a day. 

      Success lies within you it flows with your inner happiness. Having a room arranged with a good energy flow is like a great benefit to any working environment. If there is stagnant energy it causes blockages and all the the other  surroundings are affected. 

      Thanks for stopping by if you want more help feel free to contact me 

      Atma Namaste 



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