The Baby Boomers Years are they scared of retirement? Is that the reason why they become an Online Entrepreneur

 Baby Boomers and the Lap Top Life Style.

Aren’t you excited that you belong to a unique group in History? The Baby Boomers.  Are you scared of Retirement or are you excited?

I am excited and I belong to the Baby Boomers. I love the fact that we are unique in History. One thing we all have in common and that is we refuse to retire like our ancestors.

Baby Boomers turn your passion into a business

Here a few of the most Famous Baby Boomers …

Source from

1946 Tim O’Brien, Vietnam vet/author

 1947 Deepak Chopra, M.D.New Age guru
1948 Samuel L. Jackson, actor
1949 Billy Joel, singer-songwriter
1950 Steve Wozniak, co-founder, Apple Computer
1951 Tommy Hilfiger, fashion designer
1952 Amy Tan, author
1953 Eve Ensler, playwright
1954 Julieanna Richardson, historian and founder, The History Makers
1955 Maria Shriver, journalist
1956 Kim Cattrall, actor
1957 Virginia Rometty, CEO, IBM
1958 Ellen Ochoa, Director, Johnson Space Center
1959 Ronnie Lott, athlete
1960 Erin Brockovich, environmentalist
1961 Peter Staley, AIDS activist
1962 Rosie O’Donnell, entertainer
1963 David LaChapelle, artist
1964 John Leguizamo, actor

make money with affiliate Marketing Baby Boomers

 When Baby Boomers Retire. The Crisis of being unprepared.

That said when we retire from our 9 to 5 job, we are not made to retire entirely. We always look for something we can do.

A new skill, a new trade, or a new business. The internet is an excellent way for Baby Boomers to earn money online. There are many successful Baby Boomers around us.

Are you one of the Active and Energetic Baby Boomers?

These days the Baby boomers are active, mentally and physically, full of energy and excited what life still has in store for them. The Baby boomers leave a big footprint on this world.

What I like most and I respect from everyone is, Baby boomers enjoy the freedom that comes with being an online entrepreneur.

Would you believe when I tell you that approximately 80 million ( and growing), Baby boomers have developed an entrepreneurial mindset when going into the retirement years?

What is the Baby Boomer Age Range?

The first round of Baby Boomers arrived in 2011. Those are the people born between 1946 to 1964 turns 65.
10,000 Baby Boomers will hit retirement age every day from now until the year 2030.

Baby Boomers turn your passion into a business

Officially Millions of people will begin to retire, collect their social security cheques, and go to Medicare. Some of the Baby Boomers will keep working either out of financial necessity or just out of some less tangible need like self-worth identity or just because they have fun working.

What is the definition of a Baby Boomer.

The Baby boomers are one of the largest generations in the world. When it comes to senior living, this generation is one of the most important right now.

This Group of Baby Boomers have very unique personalities, and their life history is different from today’s younger vastly younger generation. What are those Baby Boomers stand for and who are they?

Baby boomers in the digital age What are the Baby Boomer Statistics and Facts? 

This statistic of Baby Boomers may surprise you, frighten or enlighten you.

#28% of the population is made up by Baby Boomers
#Baby Boomers are responsible for over half of consumer spending.
#Baby Boomers control 80% of the personal financial assets.

According to a statistic, 40 % of all Baby Boomers will work until they drop dead.
They predicted that between 2006 and 2019, workers between 65 and 74 will grow by 83% while workers 75 and older will increase by 84%.

What is the Reason that Governments setting the Retirement Age higher and higher.

Governments around the world setting the retirement age higher and higher.

China is the only country I know where the retirement age is set at 55 for woman and 60 years for men.

The average of statutory retirement age in the 34 countries of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in 2014 was males 65 years and females 63.5 years, but the tendency all over the world is to increase the retirement age.[77] 

This is also reflected by the findings that just over half the Asian investors surveyed region-wide said they agreed with raising the retirement age, with a quarter disagreeing and the remainder undecided source Wikipedia.[78]  

Why Baby Boomers are not afraid of the Digital Age?

Baby Boomers using the computer, tablet, mobile or iPad together with the Internet to make a living, upgrade their lives and supplement their income.

It is a different form of freedom they enjoy, as they have more time and are able to devote the time to other pursuits besides work and focusing on making good money for their retirement. That pressure is gone.

Baby Boomers turn your passion into a business

The Meaning of Computer and Internet in the Life of a Baby Boomer?

A lot of Baby Boomers are comfortable with computers and the Internet, what is a huge advantage when entering the world of a digital entrepreneur. Starting an online business for them is a great way and the best solution to use their skills from their previous job and integrate the knowledge into an online business.

Most of the Baby Boomers do not believe in wasting there precious time and expertise. Instead they are putting the knowledge and experience they gathered throughout the years into a productive online business.

The Life of a Successful Entrepreneur. 

The Baby Boomer Entrepreneur learns how to build an online business and earns money online.

They concentrate on making an impact on the world in which they live in other words they were redefining retirement. Becoming a successful online entrepreneur that lives a laptop lifestyle.

The freedom and the peace of mind will keep them young at heart as the Baby Boomers love to use their skills to solve the challenges life has in store for them, and create new things they can be proud of.

travelling around the world Baby Boomers The Adventure of Baby Boomers who go into Retirement. 

Enjoys travelling and living their life with a laptop and Internet somewhere in a country other than their home.

It gives them the enjoyment to go and work in places they like to visit and discover.

Pressure and Time is not a factor anymore. It is a life long desire of every Adventure Entrepreneur to being able to afford travelling and working on their terms and hours. The adventures Baby Boomers own their life. “They live their life by design and not by default. “

The Planning of  The Future Baby Boomer. 

Thinks ahead and starts the business a couple of years ahead of retirement. Takes on the double hours and extra work.

When the time comes to retire the online business is established up and running.

I am one of the future Baby Boomer what about you?

Would you love to see what I am doing now? When I retire I have an established online business that makes money and I can schedule my time around it.

Have a look what I am doing. How I supplement my retirement. Join me now. It comes with a free trial and no credit card required.

Baby Boomers turn your passion into a business

How much money do you need to retire happily and wealthy?

When planning for the amount of income you’ll need for retirement, it’s important to think about all of the potential sources of income you’ll have.

For most seniors, these income sources include Social Security and retirement accounts. For some people, employer-provided pensions also provide some income — but pensions are more common for government workers than for people who worked in the private sector. (Source

Thinking of your Sources of Income during retirement. 

If you are ready to retire and want to pursue another source of income then Affiliate Marketing is the perfect way to help you to earn that extra money or paycheck each month.

Is Affiliate Marketing for Baby Boomers a great way to earn extra income?

I am into Affiliate Marketing, and I am doing it because it is a passive income?
“Passive Income” Is not the meaning that you do nothing and the money falls into your lap that is not what passive income is in affiliate marketing.

Even with Affiliate marketing, there is work involved it is fun and gives you satisfaction when you see your chosen products sell. There is work involved and it is for everyone the same.

The only difference is if you take action , be persistence, be consistence and move each day one step forward. 

Baby Boomers turn your passion into a business

A Short Intro On What Is Affiliate Marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing ? 

Affiliate Marketing is promoting other peoples products without having to buy or keep them in stock. If you search on google for it than it says “A marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals.”

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based business. You will learn skills and training and those are offered from online programs.

Join Me today and meet me inside. 

I am part of an online program as I like to do it right from the beginning and I don’t want to waste time and money.

Baby Boomers turn your passion into a business

Can You start a business for FREE ? 

If you ask me if you can I run a successful business by only using free memberships and free videos? you can do all the research on the world wide web and don’t need to pay for it. Honestly yes, that is possible.

But why would you spend so much time in re-inventing the wheel instead of paying a small amount in getting all the knowledge, training, experience, and a great community all in one place. Already organized in steps. 

Yes, you can but it will take much longer to become successful.

Do you need a Mentor? 

With the right tools and knowledge, the Baby Boomers can nurture an online business for life and with excitement. It is a great and exciting way to supplement their retirement income with joy and happiness.

There is so much information on the world wide web to help new entrepreneurs to overcome hurdles and gather knowledge in starting a work from home business all online.

Thank you for reading my blog. It is a pleasure connecting with you.

Do you know some of the most famous Celebrity Baby Boomers…

Here are some of the famous actresses and actors.  source: ( here is the full link ) Carol Burnett, Betty White, Sean Connery, Denzel Washington, Julie Andrews, Harrison Ford, Tim Conway, just to name a few.

Famous stars who are baby Boomers

Baby Boomers is not indented to offend anyone. If you feel offended by it I apologize sincerely.

Atma Namaste


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