Declutter your Life, Home and Office. It takes only 5 minutes a day to make your home clutter-free.

Take the Test and find out if you need to declutter your life, home and office. 

Close your eyes and think about your Livingroom or Bedroom. Can you remember the furniture and all of the deco items where you placed them? 

If your answer is no, there are too many things well than you need to declutter your home. 

Find out the underlying reasons for cluttering certain areas of your home. What does it say about you? How does it influence your Mood, Stress level and the way how you act.

How to declutter your Life, Home and Office. 

Do you believe that clutter will influence the way how you feel and see things?  I like to help people to change their view about themselves and let them experience again little miracles in life.

Clutter can make your life stagnant. Decluttering makes your life vibrant and exciting. You will be surprised at all the things what will happen. 

We all know what clutter is? An object here and there, one souvenir from this place and this place, the beautiful dress that goes with those shoes.

Slowly our cupboards are filling up, and space, where we live, becomes smaller and less energetic until the clutter makes us stagnant and immobile. 

Look at people that are happy, energetic and vibrant they all have one thing in common… Do you know what it is? Read on

how to declutter your life In this blog, you will find out

  • Why clutter can be the cause of Stress and Depression. 
  • How it affects each area of your living space.
  • Find out what it means ( underlying problems) when you clutter different areas of the home.  
  • Clutter inspiring you and clutter that expires you.
  • How to declutter my life … make room for the future

Clutter and Stress both have a great relationship. 

Not many people are aware of it, but it is a fact that clutter causes stress. Sherrie Bourg Carter Psy.D.  Shows that clutter raises the cortisol levels and it causes stress besides draining your energy.  The surroundings become stagnant and so are you.

A home with a lot of little Nik Naks can feel over a period of time overwhelming, those little things called Nik Nak can trigger good or bad emotions in us. Say a flower vase you got from your friend, in reality, you don’t like it but for the friendship, you leave near the side table. 

That flower vase will expire you, means it drains your energy as each time you look at it, you know you do not like it. 

Clutter can block you from receiving the abundance, and it distracts you from achieving your goals.

#Inspiring and expiring Clutter. The ups and downs.

Clutter comes in different ways there is clutter that inspires you and there is clutter that de-inspires you is toleration of clutter.
We are oblivious to the fact that we live in a society that collects and stores things. Do you know why we are doing it because through the media and daily life we are “made to think”  it is never enough we need more, and more is better? And that is a problem.

Do you know comfort shopping? I mean when you felt down did you go shopping because it made you feel good, and it took your mind of things that didn’t go so well.. you bought things because it gave you the happy feeling.  When you think about it now you seldom or never use it. 

When the attraction is gone then it becomes clutter or just another thing… clothes, shoes, gadgets, objects, bags, etc. in the closet that takes up space.

We accumulate so much clutter over the years that we accept it into our lives and adapt it to become normal. You adjust yourself to that environment.

#How to declutter my Life …Make room for your future

I have made it a habit to declutter my home and my environments around me every year. It feels so good. Honestly, sometimes it shifts a project to completion what came to a standstill.. or a small lottery win comes my way.

I am always amazed when someone declutters their space, and they come back to me with lots of positive changes that happen in their life.

Baby boomers the new generation
People often explain to me that they feel a surge of power and significant things start to shift. It is like new energy awakes under the clutter. It is finally free to evolve.

A bad relationship begins to improve, new opportunities open up, promotion at work, new and inspiring energy in their life,  sometimes a windfall of money, new friendships are formed, more motivation and energy.

I hope with this blog to offer you a simple and easy way to detox your living space and clear some or all the clutter from your life.  

#How different cluttered areas in your home show you where you have a problem or in your subconscious mind feel uncomfortable about it. 

Did you know that different areas in your home are associated with the habit of cluttering? Those are underlying problems, mixed feelings and emotions as well as mental states? ( Don’t worry you are not weird we all have it and do it) 

I love this saying ” Live your Life by design and do not Live your Life by default”

When you want to declutter your life you need to declutter all the nine parts of your environments.

Clutter in different areas of your home can show you where you can improve yourself and your life. Each Room signifies for us a different underlying mental state.

#Go Room by Room and the underlying mental statement what your mind wants to tell you. 

Download our free E-book. Start with just 5 Minutes. Tidy Up.

Download our free E-book. Start with just 5 Minutes. De-Clutter your Mind and Life.
Reorganising your home is like cutting back plants and reclaiming an overgrown garden.
Your privacy & security are of the highest importance to us. We will not spam you or sell your information.

The Living Room ..  how to declutter my life 

Having a cluttered Living room shows that you are not honest with yourself and the world. You have problems expressing yourself.
You do not show your real potential to the world. You live to the expectations of others. A living room is used in general for entertainment and to avoid that friends and family stay too long and push you into an action phase you don’t like the room to feel comfortable and relaxed.

Keep your home clutter free

 Clutter in the Dining Room:

Dining room in the house where the family meets and takes there meal together. Having a cluttered dining room means there is no communication between family members. Everyone is doing their things. There is no joy, and friction often appears. Everyone is for him or his self. A cluttered dining room can also cause never-ending arguments between family members or partners. If you are single means problems in relationships with others. 

How to declutter my life … The Kitchen 

Is the heart of a home. When a kitchen is cluttered, it means that you
do not give yourself space to breathe.

You might have a hard time looking after yourself said this means you put others first before your needs. It also means that you do not give yourself the love you deserve.

Maybe you observed this as a child from your parents. As the kitchen is a place where you cook food and store food when cluttered, it can lead to emotional eating or stress eating. It also means you believe deep down you do not deserve a healthy and happy lifestyle.

 What does a cluttered Bedroom say about you?

When a bedroom is cluttered the first thing comes to mind that you might feel stuck and there are underlying relationship problems.

You might wake up in the mornings and feel you did not sleep as the clutter is draining your energy, make you feel tired, lethargic and inflexible.

Avoid cluttering your bedroomSometimes things are unclear, and you become obsessive about certain things. When sharing the room with a partner, there are underlying intimacy issues involved or difficulties of open up to each other.

A distance between the partner and yourself. The bedroom is a place to relax, and it should be decorated as relaxing as possible. A place where you can go to rest and recharge your battery. A right balance of yin and yang. Clutter in here can make you feel tired, lethargic and confused. I am also talking about electronics. TV, Computer, Mobilephone etc. should not be in a bedroom. 

The Bathroom. How to declutter my life.

When a bathroom is cluttered, that is a sign that we haven’t let go of our past. We want to hold on to our history as this is a comforting feeling and we don’t want to move out of our comfort zone. It also says that the person who clutters the bathroom has low self-esteem, and is not happy with themselves. 

The bathroom is a room where we clean our-self, take a shower or a relaxing bath. A time to find peace and the most creative inspiration come under the shower. A cluttered bathroom bribes you of your inspirational motivation and creativity. The best ideas come under the shower. 

A cluttered Hallway… 

Every Hallway that has clutter will stop the energy from flowing through to the other rooms. It becomes stagnant. What in other terms means you are blocking your power and somehow in your subconscious mind you are afraid of letting new things into your life. It is like a wall of comfort build around you. 

Motivation will slowly die like a flower without water, and it can also mean you are stuck in a job or relationship you do not like but you don’t want to change either. 

You move into a position where you accept it, and you start slowly to surrender. 

Clutter or a mess in the  Basement…

A basement when cluttered it always shows back to someone who is carrying much weight on their shoulders.

Those people think they have the whole world on their shoulders. There are family conflicts where a person doesn’t want to deal with, relationship problems with old friends, feeling guilty for something or someone.

Having a cluttered basement shows that there are problems from the childhood, past carried with you and you are afraid to let go. You lived so long with that clutter that it has integrated into your aura. It sucks so slowly the energy out of you. Sometimes you don’t feel at home, and you want to break out. Be free … 

How to declutter my Life …The Closet what it means…

Have you heart about the skeletons in the closet. That is precisely what your clutter means.
Most of the items are attached to you in an emotional and sentimental sense. It also means you are hiding the truth and don’t want to face reality or a situation.

A closet is used to store items and specific items after a while has to go, but somehow we hold on to our shoes, our cloth, our souvenirs, the little Nik Nak we collected over the years. 

A cluttered closet will negatively impact our ability to acknowledge the future and moving on to a new era in your life. It is like we are the right foot in the future, but with the left foot, you are still in the past. You can not make the transition to a new life. Your collections are holding us back. 

If you buy one new piece you should recycle two pieces. 

Cluttering the  Garage a nightmare for most owners of a car.

Clean your mess in your garageClutter in general in the garage means difficulty in moving forward. A Garage is a place for cars and transportation, and that means moving in and out of a garage should be as comfortable and as easy as possible.

If the garage is cluttered, it just says you are not ready to move on to another stage in life. If you want to change job or wait for a promotion mentally, that means yes you want to do it, but physically you are not ready to leave your comfort zone. It could also cause social anxiety. Moving forward will not be possible. Two steps forward and 3 steps backwards. 

How to declutter my life … The Balcony

Clutter on a balcony suggests that you are not a very social person. You like to hide behind the scenes and let other people take the credit for your work. The balcony is an opening, and when you clutter the extension of your home, it just means our social life is taking a downturn.

You love to be alone it can also cause depression so be aware when the clutter is overtaking the whole balcony space.

Download our free E-book. Start with just 5 Minutes. Tidy Up.

Download our free E-book. Start with just 5 Minutes. De-Clutter your Mind and Life.
Reorganising your home is like cutting back plants and reclaiming an overgrown garden.
Your privacy & security are of the highest importance to us. We will not spam you or sell your information.


Getting rid of your unused items that create clutter is not easy. It is so much more than just recycling the items … there are emotions involved and it takes time to let go. There are sentimental pictures of the gifts from a friend, the memories from a lost love. It is an emotional process.

Everyone is cluttering from time to time specific areas of the home. We do it all, and if you pay attention you might see the problems turning up, and it will help you to solve them more comfortable and with a conscious mind.

Releasing the clutter on a subconscious level and a conscious level will shift your mental state and the energy around you. It uplifts your spirit, and you feel lighter in many ways. 

It is a fact that the stress created by Information overload and physical clutter with the endless choices required day by day can cause or trigger health issues like generalised panic attacks, depression, overeating or anxiety. 

When you start decluttering your home and life, one significant factor is, work quickly when sorting things otherwise you get distracted. When you read through things, you might get stuck and lose focus.
Go room by room or cupboard by cupboard. Take action and declutter your life today. Let go of those unconscious fears and emotions live your life. 

Download our free e-book.  Start with just 5 Minutes. Tidy Up.

Download our free E-book. Start with just 5 Minutes. De-Clutter your Mind and Life.
Reorganising your home is like cutting back plants and reclaiming an overgrown garden.
Your privacy & security are of the highest importance to us. We will not spam you or sell your information.

Do you have clutter in your life? Please feel free to share how you reduce the clutter in your life and how do you feel or what things have shifted.  What did you use … and how long did you take.

If you want to find some books on decluttering I can recommend

Decluttering your home, mind body and soul by Soukup Ruth

Declutter of the speed of Life by Dana K. White

All the best





12 thoughts on “Declutter your Life, Home and Office. It takes only 5 minutes a day to make your home clutter-free.”

  1. Thank you for your wonderful post. There are many reason with cause clutter in our life and when people try to avoid it live becomes enjoyable. When i was little i went to a relative and arrive at their kitchen oh my! It was a disaster and when they brought the food on table i could not eat the food because my thoughts were in the kitchen thinking that the food is a messe too. When the important places where we pass all our time are cluttered we could not live a good life unless we declutter them.

    • Hi Julienne 

      Clutter in different areas of life can be quiet draining. I know what you are talking about I also had a relative who cluttered the kitchen, when ever she baked a cake and gave it to me as a gift I could not bring myself to eat it as I always saw her kitchen with so many things lying around.I have made it a habit to de-clutter my house and other areas like garage, cellar and garden shed once a year and boy it feels good. I still catch myself to think twice to give something away but in the end I will give it away with a thought other people might be in need of it and I should pass it on.

      Thanks for passing by have a great weekend


  2. I love this! I understand completely how easy it is for your house and life to become so cluttered.  The clutter in your home reflects the clutter in your mind.  I still have so much work to do when it comes to decluttering the end of a 25 year relationship.  Just doing one thing a day can be very helpful as it all adds up in the end and that is better than doing nothing at all.

    • Hi
      It is hard to declutter your life for a long time. But sometimes we need to let go if we want to move on.
      My Granny always said let go so the Universe can send you new things and you are able to receive them. When you have both hands full you are not in a position to receive more.
      Each area in your house guides a part of your life and your personality. Going step by step is a good idea.

      have a great weekend

  3. Great Post! I think clutter is basically low key hoarding. Its not like those shows where you are literally buried alive in your “possessions”. I think it is great that you have addressed clutter in every aspect of a persons life. It is easy to convince yourself that you room is tidy and uncluttered while ignoring your disaster of a kitchen.

    I like to keep my stuff uncluttered, perhaps even too uncluttered because I have fallen into the trap, like you say a small souvenir here and a little trinket there and before you know it you have a mess. I think I have gone to the other extreme because I would rather have an empty room than clutter!

    • Hello Renton 

      Clutter is a bit like hoarding but from a position of your unconscious mind. When I do volunteer work and I go to older people houses to help with shopping or cleaning I realize that older people start to clutter and they hold on to every little thing. They get very upset when you throw something away. 

      I keep my home and other areas clutter free too. 

      Have a great weekend


  4. Hi Sylvia,

    What an interesting notion; and one that I can totally relate to.  

    As I read your article, I thought of all the times the clutter around me made me feel restless and aimless; that’s when I procrastinate the most.  And if I’m not on top of the clutter, I end up feeling overwhelmed.

    I never thought to ask whether this was a shared experience universally.  Glad to know I’m no different; and that it’s almost a science … and that the answer is exactly that:  de-clutter!

    Thank you for sharing.

    • Hi Cath Anon

      I am always amazed how much it lifts me up just cleaning out draws or just cleaning and getting rid of things. 

      Clutter can drain your energy and if you are not on top of it like you said it can make you feel uncomfortable. Somehow I believe it is part of our life to go through this cycle buy stuff and than let go to move on to greater and better things. But what amazes me when I de-clutter my home each year how quickly things fill up and sometimes I wonder what made me buy that things. 

      Have a great day 


  5. Hey Bienissima,

    I can totally relate to the clutters and stress! I used to exercise daily at least half an hour a day but after I’ve gotten a bit too busy, I just couldn’t and it’s bothering me a lot because I started feeling stress the moment I step into my office. I then took initiative to clean everything and remove things I don’t need and put them in a box where I hid it somewhere I cannot see and as a result, my room looks more spacious and believe it or not, I feel more relieved too.

    • Hello Riaz 

      I know exactly how you feel and how clutter affect ones life. It is scientifically proven that clutter produces stress. We might not recognize it in the beginning but if we aware of our environment it is very obvious. De-clutter your home is great and I also made it a habit to de-clutter my mind. Sometimes I really have to take a time out to de-clutter and rewire my mind as the environment you are operating is so cluttered that I have a hard time to focus. 

      De-cluttering your life and your home is a great way to improve your life. In Germany we have a saying” out of sight out of the mind. 

      Have a great weekend 


  6. I loved the topic. It talks about clutter and decluttering. It was kinda new for me when I read the word a but once I started to read it through I realized what it is and also realize that I’m one of them. So I continued reading it and it was awesome it made me think in a different point of view. Thank you for the article.

    • Hi Sujandar 

      I am happy to hear that you like the article, I guess we are all in some way guilty of cluttering our life. That can happen in different areas of your life. We also clutter our mind with nonsense and sometimes we have to let go. I know it is easier than said but there are great ways to de-clutter your mind. I love John Assaraf with Brain A Thon and he also talks about upgrade your brain upgrade your income it is a great training he does for free. 

      Have a great weekend



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