Jaaxy Keywod Research Tool Review

The Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool 

Name: Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

Website: Click Here

Price: starter is free $0,  Starter $49/mo;  Enterprise $99/mo

Owners: Kyle and Carson ( Owners of Wealthy Affiliate)

Overall Rank: 95 out of 100 Jaaxy 5 star rating


Jaaxy Keyword tool

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool 
There are keyword tools out there that are good and some they only cost money. For anyone working with content and is in the online business, it is essential to use a keyword tool. ( Unless you like to be unknown)

What does a Keyword tool do? It looks for keywords people search for. They also put you ahead of your competition. If you are starting a website or you are an Online Entrepreneur a keyword tool is a necessity.

Keywords targeting is the foundation of every search engine optimisation also known as SEO.

What Is Jaaxy?

Keywords targeting is the foundation of every search engine optimisation also known as SEO.
Jaaxy helps you to find keywords that have low competition and help you get ranked faster.  How does Jaaxy do that? I like other Keyword tools it collects information from search engines like google, bing, yahoo, and others. It shows the data for the searches. Jaaxy is a great keyword tool.

Jaaxy has fine-tuned the search and transform the collected data into different metric results where you can understand how to rank with your keywords. Keywords are essential for anyone who intends to make money online without paying for ads means organic traffic.

Jaaxy also provides the training tools in case you do not understand how it works. Jaaxy is integrated now with Wealthy Affiliate Membership.

What I like on Jaaxy is that I do not need to download it, I can use it online and it is mobile friendly.

Try it out click below

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Get to know Jaaxy the Keyword tool

Pros for Jaaxy :

  • No download or instalment of software
  • It is simple and easy to use
  • Includes training
  • It is mobile friendly
  • Processes accurate data
  • Free trial
  • No upsells


  • Language is English but can work with other languages. It has limits.
  • No local research.

jaaxy search in german

Who can use Jaaxy? 

Anyone who has an Online business can use Jaaxy Keyword tool.

Bloggers, Freelancers, copy and ghostwriters, a.s.o

Jaaxy Tools and Metrics

The most used one is the keyword data and the keyword list. Below you see a screenshot of numbers it is below explained what they mean. It is calculated in monthly searches.

Jaaxy search with explanationThe best Keyword Tool

Jaaxy Metrics explained

1.Avg: stands for the average amount of searches done on this keyword  each month

2.Traffic: Estimated visits to your website or blog if you get ranked on the first page of Google, Bing or Yahoo

3.QSR: stands for Quoted search result: Means the number of your competition measured in websites. ( how many websites compete for the same keyword.)

4.KQI: Keyword Quality Indicator means it shows you the strength and quality of that keyword. Green is great, orange is ok and red is poor.

5.SEO: means it is a score based on the competition the higher the score the more likely you will rank on the first page. The lower the score the more difficult to rank. The score is 1 to 100.

6. Domain: shows you the domains that are available. It is a great feature if you flip domains or sell websites. When you start a new website this is a great key feature of Jaaxy. If you are interested you can check out if the top level domains are available.

Jaaxy amazing Tools

Alphabet Soup: it uses Google to take ideas in minutes. It mixes your keyword with every letter of the alphabet to get a potential search term.

  • If I search for example: Make money online +a ..
  •                                                   Make money online +b..

you might find that search terms like…

make money at home make money online business get paid 

make money online get paid asap

See  the screenshot below

Alphabet soup Jaaxy

Saved Lists: You can save the keywords you have used or still want to use it saves you the time to do the research again.  It is a neat tool.  

Site  Rank: you can check how your site is ranking for a specific keyword phrase and you can track data for any of your competitor’s site ( spy on your competition) see who is ahead of you.

All you have to do is type in a keyword and a domain, and you will see the ranking, page and the location.  It eliminates the manual checking with google incognito. Below you see the screenshot 1 and 2.  With this, you can also put it on automatic searches. 

Try the Jaaxy Keyword Tool 

the ultimate Keyword tool jaaxy

Screenshot 1 

GDPR what it means for affiliate marketer jaaxy


Screenshot 2 

Jaaxy search GDPR new law

be ready to sign up with jaaxy

Search History: This is a great feature as it lets you look for your previous searches when you forgot to save the keywords you found. This way you don’t lose your data.

Search Analysis

Check out who is ranking for your favourite Keywords. It helps you to get an idea if you can compete or choose different keywords. It puts you one step ahead of your competition as you can also check with what your competition is ranking. Look for popular content/blog that ranks well in SERPS like Vimeo, Squidoo, Hubpages, and others.

One more thing you can check is what is not ranking, and you can use this to your advantage. If there isn’t a blog yet or training on youtube well, you can do training or blog, and you should have it easy to rank.

The other tip you can do is if their blog is outranking you check how many words they wrote to say they have 1000 words well write 3000 words with quality content and you might be surprised how quickly you can rank.

Affiliate Programs: It is an excellent  tool as it saves time to search on the net for the affiliate programs in your niche. It is sometimes a good idea to compare with other searches to find the best Affiliate Programs.

Brainstorm: It is a feature that searches a lot of topics searched on websites like Yahoo, Google, Amazon and Twitter. Sometimes the topics shown are not always in relation to your Niche, but you can use your creative thinking and use the info.  It all depends on your niche. For some it is useful and for some, it is not.

Related Keywords 

Another excellent feature. As it shows you what other people searching for related topics like you just searched. As you can see from my screenshot ” how to make money as a blogger” those keywords use sometimes or often your keyphrase and or use unrelated words but those are related searches. I call this thinking outside the box to find niche related topics you might not have thought about it. ( for example: how to make money as a stay at home mom)

how to make money as a blogger

It is a way of comparing time and money. You can figure it out how much time Jaaxy Keyword tool will be saving you. At least try it out. It is free for 30 searches.

sign up for jaaxy keyword tool

You can see how much time you can save by using all these tools. For example, search analysis and site rank it can take hours if you do them manually. I prefer to pay for something that saves me time.

I have learned over the year if you micromanage your work, you will have a hard time to achieve financial freedom as you will be to busy making money. When you finally have the time to spend the money you are worn out and a short time before a heart attack. There has to be a balance of money and time. You can get back the money, but you never can get back the time. 


Would you say Jaaxy is worth your money?

Before I spent at a monthly expense I normally ask myself 2 questions: 

The first one.. is it worth my money and my time?

The second question is: Will that tool help me earn more money?

If I can answer both questions with yes then I will buy it. 

You have to keep in mind that keywords can earn thousands of dollars per month. If you discover one profitable keyword per month say $200 per month x12 month is 2400 $ a year. That is additional 2400 $ in a year.

You can not only make money with Jaaxy keyword tool you can also save time. How important it is to save and plan properly when you are working asana Entrepreneur read in my blog. Time management. and the 80/20 rule work smarter not harder

Get the Jaaxy Keyword tool try it out for free.

save time work smarter not harder

Do you use a keyword tool? If yes let us know which one you use and share your experience with us.


Please feel free to comment below.


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2 Replies to “Jaaxy Keywod Research Tool Review”

  1. If you’re doing business online, you’d better have the right tools to track your progress (or lack of progress). If you’re an individual operation, time is something you can’t afford to waste. Whether you’re checking out your website’s rankings, looking for keywords, or something similar, you want a product that does this automatically so you can save the time and put it into your business. The 80/20 rule is so vital to business growth. Don’t waste your time on anything, but what’s bringing in the maximum yield. Yes, there are exceptions, but time management and the 80/20 rule are what make businesses thrive.

    1. Dear Earl
      I agree with you 100%. You will need tools like in any other business. I will never understand why people when they start online marketing, think everything has to be free, or there are no tools necessary. If you want to be successful, you need this tools and of course the right mindset. There are lots of tools out there that are free to a certain, but if you want to scale higher with this business, you need to invest some money.
      I love the jaaxy, and I am a pro member alone all the function it has is a benefit. I love the rank checker and the alphabet soup. Time Management and the 80/20 rule are important in any business it brings you to new heights.
      Thanks and have a wonderful day

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