Does Steve Jobs achieve his goals every time? Find out the secret to achieving your goals.

The Secret to achieving your goals. Why 92% do not achieve their goals and only 8% achieve the goals?

Did you know that according to Science it shows that 92% do not achieve their goals but only 8% achieve the goals they set out?

Achieve your Goals today

Some achieve a 10% high level of success.

Another 20% reach a decent level of success.

Unfortunately, 80% do never achieve their goals.


Most people live an average life with average expectations.

What I am going to teach you is one simple step that very few people take.

With this step, you will achieve your goals. Lots of people set goals, and they fired up, but then lose track and never achieve the goal in the end. With this one single step, your chance of achieving your goals is 40%-50% higher.

Why is your Brain responsible for achieving your goal, and how it influences your goal achievement?

Many years ago when I was doing a lot of research on the brain I became fascinated. How our brain plays a vital role in our success, even financial success. Why do some people who have goals achieve them easily and other people who have goals never achieve them? I wanted to find out the reason.

John Assaraf and Neuro Gym

John Assaraf and Larry King

I came across John Assaraf with his program Neuro Gym and I can tell you he has figured it out. It was an amazing discovery. John did a lot of research and still does Brain research. John offers great courses with supervision and they are really good.

Achieve your goals today

Who else likes to know the secret to achieve your goals? A study on goal achievement.

In the company I worked with, we had around 2500 people working for different departments. In the sales and marketing department, around 800 people were working.

Three hundred people were working directly under me.
A fascinating fact was that even though the company had a good program to educate and send people on sales training, its turnover did not increase; it somehow stood still.

The company provided lots of books, cassettes, tapes ( that was back then), coaches and motivational speakers.

Different Group Types of Learners.

First Group of Learners.

The company did a lot, at least in my eyes and some people who took the seminars were so motivated for a couple of days, so pumped up after those four to five days, they stopped. Just stopped. It seemed like the seminar had never taken place. They fall back into their old routine.

The second group of learners.

Then there were people so fired up and motivated they took action and continued all the way through. Never stopped until they achieved their goal.

Third Group of Learners.

achieve your goal and be a winner

Another group was people who did nothing, no action, nothing.

I could never understand that, as they liked it and were motivated, they felt good, but no action came from their site.

Something that became evident to me after the company did the study. They did the program study for six months, and they monitored all the people who had taken the seminars and sales training coaching.

The subject of the study was ” How many People set goals and achieve them?

What was the Result? A Group of people who took one little action step every day.

Those people achieved their goals and their dreams more often than others.
That one action was something that John Assaraf calls and the Neuro-Scientist call cognitive priming.

What is cognitive priming? How can it help to achieve your goals?

What does it mean? It means that people, who learn how to prime their brain every single day, take the actions to achieve their goals.
The people who prime their brains visualize the obstacles that are in the way of their goals.

Brain a mystery discoveredThey visualize in their mind that they are overcoming the obstacles.

People who do that have created a plan. ( Did you hear that ” They visualize the Obstacles in their way and how they overcome them) Is this the key to visualization?

The ones who think about it in advance are the ones that achieve the goals and dreams that they have set.

So there is a process that I thought about from someone else’s work, and I call it to group it up.
Behavioural scientists Edwin Locke and Gary Latham examined 35 years of empirical research on goal setting. 

One of the conclusions from their meta-analysis was that ambiguous aspirations, such as “do your best”, rarely inspire the behaviour change necessary to achieve a goal. 

What works, the research shows, are goals that have clearly defined outcomes. ( source: )

Group it up a simple process in Goal setting.

This simple little process is all about setting a goal. When you write down your goal in detail you will also write down all the obstacles you will face to achieving that goal.

Examples of obstacles that could come your way.

  • Like you could have an obstacle around your belief or an obstacle of other people, another obstacle can be that you do not have the knowledge and skills,
  • or you love to procrastinate,
  • or you care too much about what other people do,
  • or you can not say no and do the jobs for other people, and your jobs will not get done.
  • There are different obstacles for different reasons.

vision board workshop October

If you have a goal and you write down the obstacles, and you use your powerful, amazing brain to visualize overcoming all the obstacles.

The next step is then for you to figure out a way to overcome the obstacles.

Fire up your brain.

When you do that, you fire up your brain, and your brain will then start to work to your advantage and starts to believe that you can actually achieve the goal and overcome the obstacles.

Create a plan of what you can do today, for let’s say, five or ten minutes a day to move you towards that goal.

You will start what I call a tiny habit, a tiny actionable habit every day towards that goal. Now you have gotten the goal, the obstacles, and you have the outcomes that you want to achieve by seeing yourself overcome the obstacle.

Let’s get started and see how easily you can achieve your goal with this tiny action step.

You will take 10 or 15 minutes a day to achieve that goal. That is part of the group-it-up plan for being able to achieve your goals and dreams.

  1. So take a few moments and write down one goal.
  2. Write three or four five obstacles that could come your way.
  3. Then you write down all the outcomes that you want. Visualize yourself overcoming the obstacles by closing your eyes.
  4. Seeing that obstacle in front of you.
  5. After step four, you will jump over you, reach over, and you figure out the problem and what kind of help you need to achieve that goal.
  6. Then you create a small plan in the form of a tiny habit that you move towards by taking action every day, and when you do that, you are going to give your brain the power it needs to help you to figure out how to solve the obstacles.

The part of your brain that starts getting activated is the left prefrontal cortex.

When you activate this genius part of your brain, it will help you to figure out how to overcome obstacles.

The Lazy men’s way of achieving your goals.

Every one of us who is a goal achiever sets goals, but very few people think about the obstacles that are there and how to overcome them. That is then when the chit-chat starts in your brain, the doubts come up, and we start to procrastinate and look for excuses why we cannot achieve them. 

Now, you can become an amazing goal achiever. You have to accept the fact that there will be obstacles.

Prime your brain to recognize the obstacles and teach your brain that you can overcome them. Start doing it in your mind, and then back it up with a plan.

the lazy men's way of achieving goals

Imagine you achieve the goals you set out.

Think about how you feel about overcoming your obstacles. 

See yourself overcoming your obstacles. 

Imagine your colleague gratulate you for your achievements. 

How does that make you feel? Good, right, actually amazing. 

What are you waiting for? Do you want to become a goal achiever today? 

You are in the group of goal achievers in the top 8%. Congratulation

Click here to get guidance and support to achieve your goals.  You are all set.

achieve your goals today

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