A Review Twenty20. Is it worth selling your mobile images to a Royal Stock Photography company?

Twenty 20 another Platform for photographers and armature photographers to sell their photos.

One thing you should know in advance about this app is that it is only available on IOS.

Twenty20 App available on I phone

Another way of turning your hobby into a business.

With Twenty20  you can upload the photos taken from your mobile device to the website or the app. When your photo is sold, you get paid.

If you love taking photos or great snapshots, then this app is perfect for you. The only thing you have to consider is that you will not get rich from selling photos, but it can be good pocket money on the side.

What or who is Twenty20.

Twenty 20 the co-founder is Matt Munson.

In the beginning, when the company started out, it started as InstaCanvas, where Instagram users and mobile photographers could sell the physical images of their work.

Matt Munson Founder of InstaCanvas and Twenty20

Matt Munson Founder of InstaCanvas and Twenty20.


Twenty20 did not intend in the beginning to become a Photography agency. Over time as the user base started to grow, Instacanvas was evolving in a different direction. The product from Twenty20 began to change from a transactional platform selling physical prints, to a creative community of photographers. That what Twenty20 is today.

How do Twenty 20 works?

#It is simple you download the app from your App store at  I tunes and install it on your mobile device.

#The app is free, and you need to create an account on twenty20 if you want to sell your photos online.

#When you sign up as a seller, you will select I am interested in selling my photos.

#What is essential to know is that the company only has a referral program for buyers and not for sellers. It means you need to be registered as a buyer to join this referral program.

#Brands and companies love to buy real authentic lifestyle photos of everyday people.

#Be aware that every photo you upload will be for sale.

What Photos can you upload?

#Lifestyle, fitness, food, family, technology, modern business, drinks, travel, health, Celebrations, and of course holidays.

#A good idea is when you upload the images that you use keywords. It makes it easier for people to find what they are looking for. Just think of yourself when you look for a photo on a Royals Stock Photography site how you search.

#When you upload photos and images with people in the picture, you need to have permission to sell the photo.

#Read the instruction and go for the training session as you will understand what hot images are and what is selling and what is not selling.

#Twenty20 is also holding different challenges. You can participate in any challenge, just follow the requirements and rules.

#With the different challenges, you can earn extra money.

# You can retain all rights to your images even when the image been sold.

#You can sell your pictures over and over again that will keep earning you money.

# You can share your picture gallery with anyone by email. How they find you? Sent them the name of the site and your username.

I know you are waiting to understand how you can make money with Twenty20?

Twenty20 App Royal Stock Photos

When you sell your photo you will get a commission from the sale. As I said before you can sell your images over and over. For each picture, you will get a commission of 20% or USD 2.

When you participate in the Challenges, you can receive a reward or an amount of money. If you are the lucky winner of the Photo Challenge, you will receive the whole amount what is offered for that challenge.

Commissioned Work: That is when a brand or company engages you in a project. The brand or the company will pay you the 100 %for the photos you take. That means you earn 100% of it.

#Payment is made by Paypal.

#There is no payout minimum.

#Twenty20 pays only once a month, and that is every month before the 10th.

Twenty20 is a great app to use when you want to make some money in selling your digital images.

The Platform is around now for a while since 2012 when it started with InstaCanvas.

Besides all the other platforms like Snapwire, Scoopshot, Foap and others,

Twenty20 stands out as it has a unique platform to display your gallery.

On each image, you upload, you will make a commission when sold.

Another benefit is that there is no minimum payout.

Lots of photographer’s love the feature of the Photo Challenge.

Twenty20 pays you 100 % of the reward. Some companies take the commission from the Photo Challenges when you are the winner.

What are the Pro and Cons of Twenty20 App.

What are the Pros for Twenty20 App?

I can say it is an App that is around a long time. It is real.

Proven to be real and can sustain the users and payouts.

Photo Challenges are rewarded and you can keep the whole winnings.

No minimum payout.

It is promoted and used with ProfitsGram.

What are the Cons for the Twenty20 App?

People switching to Snapwire, Scoopshot, Foap .

Payment only once a month before the 10th.

Pays $2 or 20% per picture.

It takes a long time to make a decent income.

Only available on IOS. (please let me know if that has changed)

My Rating for Twenty20 App.

Overall if it is a hobby and you do not mind the work you can earn decent pocket money but not a sustainable income. If you rely on it as an income source then I have to say it is hard to make a sustainable amount with $2 a month.

I believe I can give Twenty20 a 3-star rating as there are some more flaws with the app and it takes a long time to make any money at all.

 Imagine how many pictures you have to sell to make a decent income. Unless you become famous like American conceptual artist Cindy Sherman, Eliott Furness Porter who was an American photographer best known for his intimate colour photographs of nature and Frans Lanting a Dutch photographer specializing in wildlife photography. 

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One thing I can tell you that you must be serious about it, treating any online business as a hobby it will not bring you the money you expect.

Yes, there are sacrifices when you do online business.

My recommendation for anyone who wants to make money online in the long term.

There is a simple reason for it…

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#No MLM direct selling

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# No inventory needed

#There is no need to invest thousands of dollars up front

#It is free to get started

# Free Training

#so much more

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