The future of Artificial Intelligence?

Danger and Benefits of AI for your ranking in google and other search engines.

Everywhere people and businesses talking about Artificial Intelligence in short also called AI. Does it benefit your business or will it hurt your business.

What are the Pros and Cons using AI.


  What is Artificial Intelligence about

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

The Danger of Relying on AI to Curate Facts for You

Competitors Are Hoping You Use AI the Wrong Way

Outsourcing Takes on a New Risk for Marketers Due to AI

Allowable AI Content Might Be Banned in the Future

What Google says about AI Content

Our advice for creators considering AI-generation 

What is Artificial Intelligence about?

AI’s influence on technology is partly due to how it impacts computing. Through Artificial Intelligence AI computers can harness massive amounts of data and use their learned intelligence to make optimal decisions and discoveries in fractions of the time it would take humans.

The future of Artificial Intelligence? what is artificial intelligence about

The benefits of using Artificial Intelligence.

  • AI reduces the time to perform a task. …
  • Artificial Intelligence enables the execution complex tasks without significant costs
  • is available 24×7 without interruption
  • combines the capabilities of different individuals.

Will Artificial Intelligence affect the content writing for Bloggers?

Artificial intelligence (AI) in content writing is a competitive tool. Many of your colleagues will utilize AI in their online Business. This technology has created a deep divide between those who are all in on it versus those who abhor it and won’t touch it.

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Both extremes are wrong, and you should strive to fall somewhere in the middle. Being open to using AI tools yet cautious about how (and when) you leverage them.

This is the problem with the most vocal people sounding off about AI in online marketing. Some see it as something to fear or lacking benefits. While others want to use it as a total replacement for any effort they might have to put into their Business.

What is Artificial Intelligence about?

It all boils down to a need for more knowledge about how AI works, how it fails, what it can do for you, and how it can damage your Business. Once educated about it, you can welcome it into your Business without fear and risk.

The Danger of Relying on AI to Curate Facts for You.

Right now, many different AI tools are emerging on the Internet. Global mega-corporations are producing some and others by individual marketers wanting to rake in some quick cash by promising push-button profits.

Regardless of what tool you use, you have to be careful about allowing it to take over your Business for you. AI guidelines admit that the tools can get their facts wrong.

They also state that when faced with a concept it doesn’t know, the AI tool can hallucinate (makeup) answers.

Niche leaders cannot risk their Business by leveraging a tool that could mislead their audience. Because it won’t be the tool your readers blame if you publish factually incorrect information – it will be you. 

Why should be careful with Artificial Intelligence?

AI is not yet perfect still in the beta phase.

Artificial Intelligence ( AI) has made many blatant errors. Google lost $100 billion in market shares when their new BARD AI tool made a big gaffe during a live event. Where they were trying to showcase how great it was. 

In another instance, Bing’s AI tool argued with a user about the author of an article. It even claimed that the person using it was also named Bing because it couldn’t fathom anyone having any other name. 

AI has gotten scientific facts wrong. If you’re in any niche and are blogging or selling a product with advice on health, finances, and others, you could be doling out harmful information that will create backlash for you. 

Some AI must upgrade to new information.

Many of these tools must catch up on the information it’s been fed. They’re working with data from 2021 when it’s already 2023.

Others have unlimited access to the Internet to curate their answers, which sometimes causes them to deliver crazy solutions that aren’t from the best (most reliable) sources.

When left unchecked. AI tools have responded in offensive ways, not only being mean and argumentative but also discriminatory. Which, if you failed to catch it before publishing, could decimate your Business.

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Competitors Are Hoping You Use AI the Wrong Way.

AI has many positive uses. You can input data and information and have it give you some insight or help you create better wording. 

But when you rush to explode the volume of content you’re creating, you might be tempted to rely on AI to do the work for you.

That is precisely what your competitors are hoping you’ll do. Because when you leave everything up to a sterile robot, you cannot compete with their human, innovative approach. 

Consumers often weed out whom they follow, listen to, learn from and ultimately buy from according to the personalities involved.

You can probably think of several marketing voices right now – and some have repelled you, while others impressed you.

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How to use AI in your online business. Grow your Business with Artificial Intelligence.

Are People Skills transferable to AI Artificial Intelligence ?

Even when factually correct, AI is okay to use, but it’s dull and ineffective in trying to build a list and convert visitors into sales. They might read a school book without a personal touch, not following a cutting-edge entrepreneur. 

There is no way for AI-generated content to connect with the reader on a human level. For sure there is a void of emotion that’s so important (especially with online content).

They trust you when they feel a connection to you – to your story. Your readers get over their hurdles faster when spending money through your links. People also be more apt to engage with you.

Who wants to leave a comment for a robot? Nobody. Yet Google advises that if you’re publishing AI content, you should disclose that fact to your readers.

Imagine how unimpressed they’ll be knowing a tool spits out some points – and if they know anything about AI, they probably won’t trust what it has to say. 

Outsourcing Takes on a New Risk for Marketers Due to AI.

If you think you’ll steer clear of AI altogether and instead use the talents of freelance graphic designers, ghostwriters or even private label rights producers, you need to know that you can no longer trust people like you once did.

The truth is, you’ve always had to be careful about outsourcing. You never knew who would scrape content from other sites unethically or steal other people’s work as their own.

The need now to vet people for their ethics before working with them. Some would use content scrapers and spinners, and others would use copyrighted images they didn’t have the right to use.

When Freelancers and Content Creators using the Artificial Intelligent tools.

The same holds for freelancers and content creators using AI tools. Ideally, if they used AI, it would be in the same vein as you would use them for idea generation and drilling down topics.

But many will try to charge you hundreds or even thousands of dollars to own an AI creation outright without any genuine input from the freelance provider.

Tools and courses are being sold right now and sometimes awarded deal of the day for showing people how to create listings for services and then, in 30 seconds flat, churn out whatever the buyer was looking for using an AI tool.

Unless they are upfront about this, it’s an unethical concern that you should watch out for. It is especially true if you use someone’s services based on their portfolio and profile.

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Writing a complete E-book with Artificial Intelligence.

Even if they’re fully capable of writing a complete eBook, and you enjoy the talent and quality of their work, it doesn’t mean they won’t take a shortcut and use AI to do their work for them, allowing them to work fewer hours and earn more.

That is often a concern among freelance individuals. They only have so many hours in the day, so they can only earn as much as the market is willing to pay for their creations.

With AI, they’re not restricted by time, but you’ll risk your Business. Imagine if you hired a Fiverr freelancer to develop an E-Cover for you for your first fiction novel that will be published on Amazon and elsewhere.

But after publishing and branding your book everywhere, you were notified (either by the platform or another author) that your cover appears to be taken from someone else.

Suppose you told the graphic designer you wanted a cover similar to another author’s style (or gave them several authors), so they would know what kind of look you were going for.

In that case, they might input that information into an AI tool, which would piece together pictures from the other authors, making you look like a copycat.

Always ask for proof of the license of the image or artwork

You want reassurance from the freelancer (or PLR provider) that they have yet to ask for an AI to deliver the output of the content you’ll purchase.

Whether you’re buying a product or a service, Somebody should create from the seller’s mind and use ideas and brainstorming in the creation process.

If you’re hiring a graphic designer, ask for proof of licensing for the image or artwork they use.

In case Amazon has any problems with your cover, you want that proof to support your right to use the photos on your cover.

Allowable Artificial Intelligence Content Might Be Banned in the Future.

Even though AI has technically been around for a while, it has recently become the most talked-about technology among online entrepreneurs. One of the first entities to begin banning AI-generated content is, of course, schools and college institutions.

There are now tools that they can run the content through to detect whether or not an AI has created it.

You might be careful even if it passes Copy-scape, a tool used to detect outright theft of content verbatim, it is true.

Will AI be allowed on public schools and Universities?

Of course, colleges and educational institutions want students to learn the information they’re being taught and not rely on a machine to churn out essays and a thesis on any given topic.

Search engines have been trained to detect whether or not a human or an AI robot has created the content they are indexing online. Many of them claim to have a 100% detection rate.

How Colleges Are Using Artificial Intelligence To Improve Enrollment And Retention

Is Artificial Intelligence AI content affecting my ranking?

Google has flip-flopped on whether or not they will accept or punish AI web pages. Initially, they stated that AI content was no better than spam and would be treated as such.

However, they began creating their own AI technology called BARD. They had to embrace it to some degree. Otherwise, that would not be very honest. Google said they won’t punish AI content but will evaluate the quality of it like anything else.

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Unfortunately for many marketers, AI will have limited use outside brainstorming and idea generation. Because of Google’s guidelines about helpful content updates, the chances of competitive AI-only content could be higher.

Therefore, using it as is will defeat the purpose of using these tools as a shortcut to your success. Instead of ranking well in the search engine results pages (SERPs), AI content (often sterile and surface-level) will have different qualities than they look for to rank high.

Amazon and other platforms

As for Amazon and other platforms, as they’ve done with other scraped or mass-generated content, they will likely put bans on AI-generated content in the future, even though it has yet to happen.

If you use AI Artificial Intelligence to produce your content is up to you.

When you find a good one than still read it through to ensure the content does not states or offend your readers.

In case you use AI Artificial Intelligence to produce your content, it is in your interest to proofread the entire content and change the things or words you disapprove of.

This is from the blog post of google. What it says about AI Content.

Our advice for creators considering AI-generation 

As explained, however content is produced, those seeking success in Google Search should be looking to produce original, high-quality, people-first content demonstrating qualities E-E-A-T.

Creators can learn more about the concept of E-E-A-T on our Creating helpful, reliable, people-first content help page. In addition, we’ve updated that page with some guidance about thinking in terms of Who, How, and Why in relation to how content is produced.

Evaluating your content in this way, whether you’re using AI-generated content or not, will help you stay on course with what our systems seek to reward.

Posted by Danny Sullivan and Chris Nelson, on behalf of the Google Search Quality team

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