How AI and Research Transform posting on Social Media and Blogging Forever?

What is the Influence of AI and Research in modern life?

Social Media in daily life is trending or better say it is the addiction of many , and you will see more and more people of any age scrolling through Social Media. Ai and research tools have changed the way we look at social media now.

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As in any business, social media marketing is crucial for anyone who owns a business. Many Companies incorporate AI into their social media strategies.

If you look at the research, the AI market in social media has increased rapidly and is expected to reach $3,714.89 Million by 2026 with a CAGR of 28.77% based on the forecast period of 2021-2026.
The use of AI in social media marketing is expected to grow tremendously
in the next few years. It will have an impact on growth in many businesses.

Generating Keywords with artificial intelligence.

AI keyword research and analysis are core components of content marketing and blogging success.
If done right, SEO (search engine optimization) can drive a higher conversion rate to your website.
In the last blog, we’ve covered some of the many dangers of incorrectly using AI in your Business. Let’s look at a few ways to use it correctly. It can be an excellent tool for keyword research and generating ideas from those words and phrases.

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How to use AI and Research for your idea about an topic you want to write.

For example, you might have an idea as a niche blogger about what topic you want to write about that day, but you need specific slants. You can type in the keyword phrase and ask the AI tool to develop ten angles for articles.

You can then ask it to tweak those ideas or merge a couple of them into one unique slant. For example, if you are in the health niche, ask it to give you ten ideas for the keyword “blood pressure“.

The ideas it generates from that keyword phrase would be things like:

Understanding the causes, symptoms, and treatment options for those with high blood pressure

How stress can affect your blood pressure

The benefits of exercising to lower your blood pressure

Dangers of allowing your blood pressure to stay high

How insomnia can contribute to high blood pressure

Natural remedies to help you lower your blood pressure

How to check your blood pressure correctly and consistently

That gives you a variety of topics to discuss. You could do that if you wanted to do one article on one of the above topics. Or, you could turn the above slants into a lead magnet report or info product.

If you needed to gather a list of related keyword phrases, you could ask the tool to give you a certain number of additional keyword phrases related to the phrase blood pressure

It would give you the following answers:


High blood pressure

Low blood pressure

Blood pressure monitor

Blood pressure medication

Blood pressure chart

Blood pressure diet

Blood pressure symptoms

Blood pressure monitor watch

Blood pressure readings

You could then ask the tool to take each related keyword phrase and outline unique points to discuss each one. So, for example, it might tell you the following:

AI and research how it will transform social media and blogging. What will it bring for us.


Definition of hypertension and how it differs from normal blood pressure

The causes of hypertension, including lifestyle factors and genetic factors

Treatment options for hypertension, including lifestyle changes and medication

Blood pressure monitor

The different types of blood pressure monitors available, including manual and digital monitors

Benefits of monitoring blood pressure at home, including increased accuracy and convenience

Tips for using a blood pressure monitor effectively and accurately

The examples above were created by an AI tool to showcase the possibilities that an AI tool could provide to you.

We specifically asked for three discussion points, but you could ask for ten or even more, depending on how thoroughly you wanted to expand upon each topic.

Instead of asking the tool to write your Content, use it to ensure you have covered all your bases and discuss everything your readers may want about the topic.

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Get AI and Research to Punch Up Your Sales Copy for You

Many marketers are discussing the benefits of using AI to write sales copy. It is one form of content creation that many marketers need help with because it sometimes sounds so spammy.

Even if you believe in your product 100%, you may need help with headlines, bullet points, and a solid call to action that convinces your visitor to purchase your product.

You can start with the Content you have created that you feel pretty good about regarding your sales letter. Please don’t allow the AI tool to write it from scratch for you. Instead, speed at the information you have created will enable it to help you take it to the next level.

So a good example might be if you typed into an AI tool these instructions: Improve my headline for a sales letter that says. Learn How to Lower Your Blood Pressure with Natural Remedies and give me four examples.

The AI tool will deliver the following (better) headlines – and these are taken from an accurate AI and research tool:

Discover the Power of Nature: Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally with These Effective Remedies

Revitalize Your Health: Discover Natural Remedies to Reduce High Blood Pressure and Enhance Your Wellness

Unleash the Healing Properties of Nature: Say Goodbye to High Blood Pressure with These Simple Natural Remedies

Transform Your Health Naturally: Unlock the Secrets to Lowering Your Blood Pressure with Safe and Effective Remedies

The AI tool has been fed sales letter wording previously, so it knows how to hype it up for you in wording better than “learn how to.” Words like unleashtransformdiscover, and revitalize have a more substantial impact. 

AI and research mix and match it

You can then work from that point and mix and match or rewrite it, even learning from the AI tool how to create a better sales copy from scratch.

Ask it to take one of the headlines and tailor it for a specific demographic, such as these instructions: Tailor the headline for diabetics, and it will respond:

Say Goodbye to High Blood Pressure the Natural Way: Discover the Best Remedies for Diabetics to Lower Blood Pressure and Boost Health.

You can ask the AI tool: Give me five bullet points for my sales letter about learning to lower your blood pressure. It would tell you this answer – and pay attention to the fourth one:

Discover safe, natural remedies for reducing high blood pressure without relying on prescription medication or harsh chemicals.

Learn how to incorporate healthy lifestyle habits into your routine, such as regular exercise and a nutritious diet, to lower blood pressure and improve overall health naturally.

Uncover the hidden causes of high blood pressure, including stress, poor sleep, and unhealthy habits, and learn how to address them for long-term health benefits.

Access expert guidance and support from a team of experienced health professionals and fellow health enthusiasts who understand the challenges of managing high blood pressure

Gain the confidence and knowledge you need to take control of your health and achieve lasting results with proven techniques and strategies that work for individuals of all ages and backgrounds.

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The fourth item is something the AI tool “hallucinated.” It made up that benefit without knowing if your product consisted of expert guidance and support from a team.

You must check to ensure the tool generates real things, your readers will be learning and not just pulling things from thin air.

AI and research can Brainstorm for You as an Affiliate Marketer

As an affiliate marketer, AI tools are fantastic for generating ideas and organizing your information. It can help you pinpoint strategic products to promote as well. Let’s continue using the blood pressure niche as our example.

You can combine the request for slants and get the AI tool to help you with what you can promote with that slant.

For example, if you type into an AI tool this request: Give me three slants for an affiliate blog about blood pressure where my goal is to promote a list of products,

It will deliver the following suggestions:

  1. Revitalize Your Health: The Best Products for Lowering Your Blood Pressure Naturally: In this blog post, you could promote a list of natural supplements, vitamins, and other products that can help individuals lower their blood pressure without relying on prescription medication. You could highlight the benefits of these products, their ingredients, and how they work to improve health and wellness.
  2. Improve Your Cardiovascular Health: The Top Products for Controlling High Blood Pressure: In this blog post, you could promote a list of products specifically designed to improve cardiovascular health and reduce the risk of high blood pressure. You could highlight the different products available, such as blood pressure monitors, heart-healthy supplements, and exercise equipment, and discuss their benefits and how they can be incorporated into a healthy lifestyle.
  3. Manage Your Blood Pressure Like a Pro: The Best Products for Measuring and Controlling Your Blood Pressure: In this blog post, you could promote a list of products designed to help individuals measure and control their blood pressure effectively. You could highlight products such as blood pressure monitors, wearable technology, and other tools to help individuals stay on top of their blood pressure levels and improve their overall health.

As you can see, it gives you a title for your post and instructs you on what types of things you can promote and how you can best present that information to your readers.

AI tools can do 80% of the work for you if you do it the right way

Instead of using this information to instruct the AI tool to do the work for you, you can take the suggestions and create unique Content that Google and your readers will appreciate.

You can go further in having the AI tool help you develop helpful ideas. For example, you wanted to use the first option in the list above for an affiliate product review post on natural remedies. In that case, you might ask the AI tool: Why would people want to lower their blood pressure naturally rather than use prescription medicines?

It would tell you the following, and we’ve cut off the lengthy explanation it gives for each idea:

Avoiding potential side effects.

Reducing healthcare costs and the cost of prescriptions.

Enhancing overall health and wellness.

Having more control over their treatment.

Avoiding possible interactions with other medications.

Notice that the first article idea mentions ingredients. You can take that one aspect and have the AI tool expand on ideas for you by asking it: What natural ingredients should people look for in supplements to help lower their blood pressure?

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Fact Checking with AI and research tools is a must. After all it is a tool…

Fact-checking comes in handy. It will tell you Omega-3 fatty acids, Magnesium, CoQ10, Garlic, Hawthorn, and Potassium. Those may very well be accurate, but remember – AI will make things up and get things wrong, so you don’t want to be doling out misinformation.

As an affiliate, you can even ask the AI tool to list ten types of cardio equipment to help people lower their blood pressure. It will tell you things like treadmills, stationary bikes, ellipticals, rowing machines, a.s.o.

Can you use the AI and Research tool to create a blog?

You can take that list and create a blog post about it. Take ideas and drill down – creating a separate blog post reviewing the 10 Best Elliptical Machines to Help Lower Your Blood Pressure. 

Ask AI what shoppers need to consider when buying an elliptical machine to lower their blood pressure. It will tell you resistance levels, stride length, comfort features, heart rate monitoring, size and space and more. 

Give the AI tool after it gives you the list this instruction: Based on those factors listed above, rank them in order of importance for lowering blood pressure, and it will! It may need to be more accurate, but it can be helpful.  

Take the ideas, analyze them accurately, and create your Content from scratch. You’ll leverage your AI tool for quick idea generation and brainstorming but refrain from subjecting your readers to stale, robotic Content. 

You Can Use AI and Research for Social Media Messages

Use AI tools to help you generate clusters of keywords that you can turn into hashtags for use on your social media content. Get your AI tool to make your message more succinct.

For example, if you have an article of 500 words, you can feed it into the AI tool and ask it to summarize your Content in two sentences. It is a great way to quickly and easily share a snippet of text with a link to your entire blog post.

Yes, ask it to devise a call to action that gets people to click on your link. With some tools, you can trust them to proofread your Content. However, not all AI tools are created equally; some will miss errors. For proofreading use Grammarly it is a free tool and it is great.

Use the AI and Research tool to use for more Content Ideas.

Suppose you are watching your analytic data on social media and notice a pattern of specific topics performing well for you. In that case, you can have the tool drill down and give you additional content ideas.

It can also assist you in developing split-testing content ideas, such as using two different headlines, two different calls to action, a.s.o.

 Again, social media is predominantly led by human influencers. If you fully allow AI to represent you without any personal touch, you will be shunned in favour of those who deliver their Content with a unique personality.

Careful Use of AI for Graphics, Video and Audio Production

AI tools are pretty blunt when it comes to tattling on themselves. You can ask it what would go wrong in having it create your multimedia content, and it will tell you precisely where it lacks when compared to human-generated Content.

One of the biggest problems is that it could be more original and creative than Content born from an individual’s mind. It is only going off information and Content it already has access to.

There were many instances when AI-generated multimedia content caused problems regarding infringing copyrighted Content. The Content it creates can be too similar to works already on the market.

The AI and the Backlashes when it happens

There has been a significant backlash against using AI for Creative Content. For example, when an AI tool won an art contest, the competing artists were outraged and sought to ban future robotic participants. 

Creative people in many different areas worry that using AI in artistic and creative endeavours will standardize the Content into the same general style and sound or look. Because it can’t create from scratch, it will be a hodge podge of leftovers from human minds. 

Like many tools and strategies, good and evil can come from their use. You don’t want to use it to scam people or shortcut your way to success. 

When you use AI Artificial Intelligence to produce your Content, it is in your interest to proofread the entire Content and change the things or words you disapprove of. 

AI and Research Tools should be used with caution and never post straight from there. Read it and change it to give it your touch. For social media if you create banners and pins make sure your images do not infringe copyrights.

learn how to create a profitable blog website

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