5 Tips on how to spot a scam in Affiliate Marketing Business. The shiny object syndrome on how to avoid.

Avoid falling for Affiliate Marketing Business Scams.

Unfortunately, today we live in an age of online internet and business fraud. Countless people lose large sums of money in these Affiliate Marketing Business scams.

Unfortunately, the world of affiliate marketing is not immune to this. While it is impossible to list every precaution a person should take when starting an Affiliate Marketing Business, there are some signs you can look out for to identify a scam or being scammed.

Affiliate marketing Business Scam

Why will people fall for scams in Affiliate Marketing Business?

The dream of running your Affiliate Marketing Business sounds easy and is often promoted as making money while you sleep.
The Recession strikes some people; some lose their job, and some are desperate and need a second income. Doing business online and working from home sounds attractive and the dream of many. But at the same time, it makes people in need vulnerable.

People who are under financial stress are the perfect target for scammers.

How easy is it to start an Affiliate Marketing Business from home?

In a few words, it is easy to start, no capital is required, and you do not need deep pockets for your products. Affiliate Marketing is, in general, promoting and selling other people’s products. It would be best if you had a reliable Computer and a stable Internet connection. Of course, you must know how to operate your computer or laptop.
Affiliate Marketing is an attractive opportunity as there is a way around the risk and start-up costs.
There are plenty of Affiliate Marketing Programs, but as with everything, we need to be conscious of the offerings.

1. Affiliate Programs are free to join.

If you come around an affiliate program that asks you for front payment or gives in your credit card details, then stay away from it. Affiliate Programs are, in general, free for affiliates. There is no joining fee, or there is no front fee.

2. Do I need to buy the product in Affiliate Marketing?

You can promote the product without buying it. You will only promote the product. Affiliate Marketing is not MLM; you must purchase the products each month so the upper level can make money off you. If a Program recommends buying the product first, run…. as this is not a serious Affiliate Marketing Business. Don’t get me wrong, if you want to purchase the product because you write a review, then purchase it, but it is not a must.

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3. Affiliate Marketing Courses and the shiny object syndrome.

You will eventually come around some so-called online gurus, and they offer you a great deal on how to get rich overnight. The promise list is long, and you do not need to do anything. You make money in your sleep. They cost between 1997USD and 50.000 USD. Check out their profile, how long they have been in business, and what their testimonials say. Remember, only some companies have good reviews. You will always find some not-so-good ones.
If you google the reviews, you will find out quickly if they are honest. Eventually, you will need to invest in a good Affiliate Marketing course, but when you have just started, join an Affiliate Platform that gives you the basics and the tools you need. But that platform will not cost a fortune.

4. Payment in Affiliate Marketing Business.

Unfortunately, some Affiliate Marketing businesses do not pay their Affiliates. Do check the record of their payment history and make sure you get your payment on time and not six months to a year. Check-in Forums what they say about the payment history of that Affiliate Programm Provider. Use Platforms that are known and pay their affiliates on time. Affiliates normally get paid by Paypal, stripe, pay now, check or bank account. It all depends on the Affiliate Company.

5. Fake Affiliate Products to promote.

A fake Product Scam is a fraud where scammers create ads or web pages for services and products that don’t exist. The Fraudster will promote the fake products under the cover of a well-established business. It can go so far that they will copy a reputable branding website to gain the trust of potential customers.
Scammers can leverage the credibility of influencers and other successful websites to convince people to purchase fake products. This type of fraud is very deceptive. As you can imagine, unfortunately, social media has become a nesting ground for counterfeit products and online scams.

Affiliate Marketing Business Scams

There are always black sheep, even in Affiliate Marketing Businesses. You can never be sure that it is not a scam, but in general, many Affiliate Companies can be trusted.
5 Tips on how to spot a scam in Affiliate Marketing Business. The shiny object syndrome.

The right way to start your Affiliate Marketing Business.

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