What is the best Affiliate Program in 2018

My Wealthy Affiliate Review

A short intro about Affiliate Marketing before we go into the Review of Wealthy Affiliate. It is important to understand what  Affiliate Marketing is. What do you need to know about it,  and what to consider when joining a program.

Affiliate Marketing What and How…

Affiliate Marketing is a Program that you join to promote other peoples Product. That said it does not mean that there is no work involved. It sounds great and no doubt about it, the sound of it makes the heart beat faster.

Too many affiliate marketers enter this industry hoping for a fast way to make money online – and that’s why they get sucked into those get rich quick schemes so often.

You have to work hard to build a long sustaining online business. A great mistake is to think because the product is ready and tailor-made for you, there is no work involved and all you have to to is the affiliate marketing to make a great and steady income, well I hate to burst your bubble it does not work like that.

Affiliate Marketing a Sales Funnel in 2 stages

A. The creating of the Product, the consumer and the sales letter

B. Marketing means List building and finding tons of traffic that leads to a conversion of the Product ( that is the affiliate Marketers Job- this is you )

What does that mean for you?

It means you have to become a student of your Niche. You have to develop a system that you can point customers to your blog, squeeze page or website. Customers will have many choices out there in the cyber world and you have to be really good and leave the competition behind when you want to be successful. The real deal and secret ingredient to make money online are to devote yourself to your future and your loyal customers.

Wealthy Affiliate Sign up

 Finding a Well Planned Affiliate Marketing Program

Did you know that you can triple your success by finding a well-planned affiliate program?

The Key to success is finding a great and good affiliate marketing program. It is the closest thing to plug and play in Internet Marketing.

See it from this side that not only do you have a great product and sales letter, but also a well-planned program with lots of products and ready-to-go support material. (Wealthy Affiliate will teach and show you how you find those affiliate programs)

Wealthy Affiliate Review

All the things I just mention above you learn inside Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is a Program that teaches you what you need to know to succeed in the Internet Marketing.

In blunt words it means work, work, work lots of Information, action, persistence, frustration and success.

Wealthy Affiliate work overloadWealthy Affiliate

Website: https://my.wealthy affiliate.co…

Owner: Kyle Marketing Chief & Co-Owner

Owner: Carson Design Chief & Co-Owner

In operation since 2005

Members: over 1Million

It is free to Join no credit card required 

Wealthy Affiliate Demystified

Wealthy Affiliate is one of the Programs that take teaching seriously. Even you went through all the courses, there is always room for something new. Weekly Live Webinars for specific subjects and all of them are available as a replay in case you missed it.  Members also post Training in form of videos or just Text. 

You are never short of learning and there is a solution to every problem. Through Live Chat, you are asking for help, or just ask in the forum, you can also search in the old posts for it.  

In Wealthy Affiliate, you are able to create 2 websites with the free membership  and go through the first 10 steps of the training, and the first 10 steps of the Training from the Affiliate Bootcamp.

Wealthy Affiliate is one of the 5 best online learning platforms with great site support if you experience problems with your site. Wealthy Affiliate started out in 2005. As every Business Wealthy Affiliate started out small and grew into an international worldwide recognized online learning platform.

You will be able to learn how to make money with different affiliate programs like





Share a Sale etc.

and how to fine-tune and monetize your site. ( A step by step walkthrough Program)

Wealthy Affiliate also operates a Boot Camp, where you learn how to become an expert in the online marketing business.

You can say that Wealthy Affiliate helps you to create a Laptop Lifestyle business, that gives you an extra paycheck every month and you can work from anywhere you want as long as you have a computer, or tablet and Internet.

Live the Laptop LifestyleThere is no other platform out there that combines the hands-on learning, with an interactive community and a step by step video and text training that is so successful in helping you to achieve success.

You can learn how to earn extra Money online, see what over one million people are doing right now, to earn that extra paycheck every month. 

Ready to take the 7 Day Free Trial, nothing to lose check it out, you never know if it is for you if you don’t check it out!

7 Day free Trial Wealthy Affiliate

One thing I have to be honest with it you might experience an overload of information as Wealthy Affiliate Program is full of information on lessons, as well as training. It might be for some overwhelming but if you take it slows, and follow the instruction you are able to handle it well.

Wealthy Affiliate has a help and support section and there is always someone there to help you with your questions or if you experience difficulties. Through time differences there might be a delay in answering your question, please understand as this is an international community and we are from all over the world.

Wealthy Affiliate will also guide you through Social Media Training. ( like Facebook, Google Plus, Reddit, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc. )

Members of Wealthy Affiliate Community share their knowledge and advice what works for them.

I guess your question is now …….

How do I make money on Wealthy Affiliate

# Capitalize on an idea, passion, hobby, that you have and build your own website( no experience or product required)

# Promote Affiliate Products and there are Millions of them

# find and join the best Affiliate Programs

# to it the professional way and get referrals for your Programs you promote

# create your own blog and learn how to become successful

# sell other products online

# rank in google without PPC

# create youtube videos

# get advertising companies to advertise on your site and monetize it. ( Google AdSense, Banner-ads, etc)

# go through Affiliate Bootcamp

# E-commerce

# Drop-Shipping

# and so much more 

Online EntrepreneurThere are so many options you can to, with Wealthy Affiliate you save yourself hours -days of researching the possibilities on how to. All this you learn about Wealthy Affiliate.

Yes, as some people argue all this is available on the Internet without needing to pay. I agree with this only 50% you want to know why?

Yes, there are lots of training out on the internet but to find and watch the right training it is time-consuming and as long as training is free in this ” make money online market,” you will never get the full story. The important piece is always missing.

The hosting of a website is not cheap as for everything additional add-on you will pay. There are companies who offer websites hosting etc. Here on Wealthy Affiliate, you can host  when you are a premium member

25 websites for free ( premium membership) and 25 Site Rubix.

You only buy the domain that will cost you around $10 to $15 a year. Of course, site rubix domains are free.

What does the Wealthy Affiliate Program offer

  • You will get personal mentoring ( this is not one on one )
  • You will be a Member of a great Community( 1.000.000 Members)
  • Go through the Training Courses, Step by Step
  • Join the Weekly Live Classes (and 100’s of hours of replays)
  • You can become an Ambassador through the ranking system
  • You will receive an Online Entrepreneur Certification
  • Walk through Affiliate Bootcamp so you become a great Affiliate Marketer
  • Learn about the different Affiliate Program
  • Great Networking with the Members that formed great Relationships
  • Building Websites  in Word Press, no technical stuff, no HTML coding
  • Website Performance Tools (SiteRubix)
  • SSL Certificate included
  • Website Engagement Platform (SiteComments)
  • The Hosting Platform ( hosting of 25 websites is free)
  • SiteContent Writing Platform ( including 1.000.000 stock images available for free)
  • Keyword Research Tool ( used for SEO and ranking)
  • Link tracking
  • Email for your premium ( Siterubix will not have email available )
  • Support (Live Chat, SiteSupport, Q & A)
  • etc.

This is all available and it is laid out in a step by step program. ( I know I repeat myself but I can not say it often enough) You can learn and walk through at your own pace. You can go back and watch it over and over again.

The only thing Wealthy Affiliate cannot to for you is “Take Action” and make things happen. That you have to.

You still haven’t decided yet, ask yourself do you want to learn how to earn an extra paycheck every month?  

Take the 7 Day Free Trial,  you never know if it is for you if you don’t check it out!

IT IS FREE…  No Credit Card required

7 Day free Trial Wealthy Affiliate

Who can join Wealthy Affiliate?

Doesn’t matter what experience you have, or which profession you are working in you can join and start the first step toward a freedom lifestyle. My suggestion don’t quite your 9-5 job right away, wait and start getting through the training. If you are after 6 months still happy to continue and you made already a second income with Wealthy Affiliate you can consider.

Making Money online sounds easy, it isn’t easy it is a commitment on your part to give up some of your free time and make this business work. People fail not because it is a scam, or it doesn’t work! ( Wealthy Affiliate) 

NO, it is because they are not prepared to give what it takes. I am not talking about money, I talk about the commitment, the time, the persistent, the action, the drive, the passion, and the willingness to succeed. Out of 10 people only 4 make it to the Top, …are you one out of 4 who make it to the top, or are you belong to the rest who starts and never finish? Mind over Matter

How to join Wealthy Affiliate and how much is it.

If you decide to join please click on our link as you will get a huge discount for the first month. You pay only $19 instead of $ 49 ( for the first month, the second month is $49)  

If you decide that you become a Premium member i will sent you the Diamond Traffic Program for free. 

Click on the 7-Day Free Trial and try it out, build your website, go through the training,  it is now so easy and the feeling when you see what you accomplished is unbelievable. It feels great actually like heaven.

Pay only 19 USD with the Wealthy Affiliate discount link.

From the second month on it will be that 49 USD.

Wealthy Affiliate University

Important Information

One thing you should know, there are some countries that are banned from the free trial offer and discount offer. Wealthy Affiliate has banned some countries. Those countries still can join the premium membership of Wealthy Affiliate but not the free trial offer and the discount offer of 19 USD. We are very sorry about this but this is a rule that we have to follow.
Here is the list of the countries banned by Wealthy Affiliate from joining with the free 7-day trial and discounted Offer.

# India

# Nigeria ( this country is banned even joining the 49 USD premium membership)

# Philippines

# Pakistan

# Vietnam

# Bangladesh

# Egypt

The Negative Side of Wealthy Affiliate

What would I say about the negative Side of Wealthy Affiliate ( I am talking here from my personal experience)

Wealthy Affiliate is not for everyone, there are people who love to learn a business from the start and make a paycheck every month on a steady and increasing mode, and there are people who believe they can make money overnight and get rich quick without lifting a finger. This is not with Wealthy Affiliate. 

You will need to invest your time and work. If you want to be a Millionaire overnight, please go and play the lottery the chances that you hit the jackpot is 1 to 100.000.000. Good luck.


1. Well for me  Wealthy Affiliate it is highly addictive and when you wake up in the morning and you have 50+ emails in your inbox you try to finish them all,  you get sidetracked reading all of them responding to them and the time does not stop “2 hours easy gone. ” It took me some time to figure it out. How to arrange it. This is one thing that you have to organize yourself.

The second part is the information overflow. You have to organize your intake yourself. It can be quite overwhelming and it might start to make you feel uncomfortable. But this is good because that means your mind is changing. You are stepping out of your Comfort zone out of the circle that pulls you down. My advice takes it in stages and doesn’t buzz through the  Wealthy Affiliate Training like a wizard.

The Internal Ranking System of Wealthy Affiliate

2. The ranking system inside Wealthy Affiliate is a bit distracting,  members do concentrate on ranking, and getting a bit annoyed when their rank is slipping into the thousand. It depends on each person if it is important to them or not. The one thing is for sure the internal ranking will not get you a paycheck, it will only take your time. The negative side of it is that you might get sidetracked with ranking. 

Community Support

3. Sometimes members respond to a question with no answer and that is something I guess Wealthy Affiliate cannot change as it depends on the human input. What I mean is someone post a problem and that people answer with ” Interesting like to know the answer too”. You might stick with your problem for a couple of days, as not every member is an expert and can give expert advice.

In general, the site support and the support is good, but as every system, there are some flaws. If you ask now why Kyle is not answering. He is and I don’t want to make excuses but if you have 1.000.000 members at Wealthy Affiliate it is not possible for Kyle to respond immediately. Kyle and Carson are very busy and they are upgrading on a continued base the platform. In general, you will get an answer from Kyle just not the same day or immediately.

My Rating

I would say that Wealthy Affiliate is a great Platform and learning University for Affiliate Marketers. For beginners and advanced marketers. ( Alone for the free website hosting and the weekly webinars.)

In my Review, I would give Wealthy Affiliate a 96 out of 100.

Why 96 out of 100, there is still room to improve but for a work from home business, this is one of the best programs. The updates are continuously and the information and training you receive are 9 stars for me.

9 star ranking wealthy affiliate


Make Money online programIf you are exhausted from reading this and don’t want to scroll up again here is the link again with the discount. ( Discount applies to 7 Days when you join) 


Learn to earn extra Money online, see what over 1.300.000 people are doing right now, that is generating for them some good income online.

All set ready to go … 

Ready Steady …. and Ready to join Wealthy Affiliate University

Free Bonuses when you join.

7 Day Free Trial (free to join)

When you decide to go Premium

1st month of the premium membership cost you only $19.

Free Diamond Traffic Program

I will sent you a mindset movie 3 min for free. ( As I believe to be successful you need the right mindset. Success is 70%mindset 30% System)

You can always contact me inside of Wealthy Affiliate


I hope you like this Review please give me your input on how do you earn an extra paycheck each month.  If you are new to this, let me know what you think or ask me if things are unclear.

All Yours



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6 Replies to “What is the best Affiliate Program in 2018”

  1. Most people failed to make money online because they don’t have a proven system that works for them…

    Good news is, this system has helped more than 100 ordinary people, including newbies to make real money.

    You can be one of them too making money is easy with this proven system

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    1. Hi there
      Making money online sounds so easy and it is promoted often as an easy way to make money. It is not as easy as it sounds.
      You have to go through training and you have to give yourself at least 6 Month to find out if you like it or not.
      The learning part is not so difficult and everyone can learn it. I love the system you linked on and I think a proven system is a really good investment when starting online. Thanks for sharing it.
      Every online marketer needs to work with a keyword tool and I have to say Jaaxy I find personally is really good.
      Cheers Sylvia

  2. Insightful, thou most people advertising online will always use the get rich quick bait to attract some greedy buddies, it’s worth resounding that there is a process to success in online affiliate marketing.
    What was the criteria used in banning those companies and what is the guarantee that some other companies wouldn’t suffer similar faith in the future? FTC is banning companies who promise to become rich quick overnight with horrendous fees.

    1. Dear April
      I think too many people advertising the quick rich scheme and the make money overnight scam. I hate it and I have to admit I also fall for them. Thinking it is easy what a big lie you need to work and put the effort in as with every business and one thing no one tells you is being an Entrepreneur can be a lonely place. I am happy that FTC is banning this company but it is useless eventually they come back smarter and with another scam.
      Unfortunately the shiny objects syndrome or the get rich quick scam lures in 90% the people who really desperate looking for a way out from the financial problems they are having.
      This I think is bad because those people spent their last money on a scam and left with nothing.
      Wealthy Affiliate is a great company who teaches you to step by step how you are going ahead. You can host your website and you have access to a 1.3 million-member group. When you go premium you have so many possibilities to earn an income with the training and the free hosting of 25 websites. Also if you want to try it out join and take advantage of the 7 days free trial with the first 10 Training lessons for free and 2 websites with an extension for free. Try it out it will not require you to put in your card. So if you do not remember to cancel it does not matter you will not be charged anything.
      Thanks for stopping by

  3. One of the most important things you can do online is build your list. Having subscribers to market your affiliate offer to is worth all of the hard work in getting the subscribers.

    Enjoy the journey!

    1. Hi Mandy
      yes, that is so true building your list is an important task of becoming an affiliate marketer.
      It is like a business building a list and maintaining it. Don’t let the contacts get cold. That happens to a lot of marketers that they build a list and with the task, they have to do each day to maintain the site, products and social media they forget that they still have a list to look after.
      I use an autoresponder like Get Response to manage all this and it is a great help to keep up with the daily to-do list.
      Have a great day

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