Why Vision Boards work. Celebrities like Oprah and Jim Carey are known to use vision boards to achieve their goals.

Celebrities and high achievers are known to use vision boards to achieve their goals. Why vision boards are a powerful tool. 

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What Exactly is a Vision Board?

A Vision Board is made out of a Board and pictures. You can buy those poster boards in most of the stores like Walmart in the office supply section. 

There are different types of vision boards. The poster board is actually the first one what is used by many people like entrepreneurs and celebrities. Later on, it was expanded and digital vision boards became popular. 

For me, I honestly have to say the digital version is nice but I love my good old poster board with pictures and words used out of magazines. 

When you do a good old poster board all the energy and effort goes in there. It is hands-on and I love it as it is something you create with your hands and becomes so powerful.

The energy grows minute to minute and you get more and more excited. 

Vision boards and the Law of Attraction 

A big part of the Law of Attraction is a vision board. They have become popular over the years.

Creating and making in the Law of Attraction Idea is known to the Universe, what you want and in turn, the universe works to make this come true. It is also known that you need to believe in it, even some say you do not believe in the Law of Attraction idea. What you do need to believe is that when you write down, create images and think with laser focus, about what you want to create for your life, … you need to feel it emotionally and vibrationally and it will come true.

A physical vision board that is placed over your desk, will contain images that invoke powerful positive thoughts. The images that you search for, then transfer to your board, will match the written words that are placed around the images.

The images that you find in magazines or books, should be bright and positive. Many people use coloured pencils to add in the written words. The colour will help you to focus on the images and words. There is no limit to what you can use to write with, just choose what inspires you.

When was the last time that you started dreaming about a better life? 

 We all have fleeting ideas of what we want to be, do or have in our lives. But most of the time they just remain …fleeting ideas.

Vision boards and the Law of Attraction

When was the last time you dreamed about your life?

I mean what you wanted in life.  Somehow we lost these dreams or did you live your dream?


Did you know only 20 % of the people will actually live the life they always imagined?

Who has the time to intentionally get clear about what you want? Imagine you could achieve the goals you set out for and you could live your dream life. 

Wouldn’t that be great? 


  • Health
  • Money
  • A boyfriend
  • Marriage
  • Travel around the world,
  • Buy your dream house, Apartment
  • Have a better relationship with your spouse,
  • A new car,
  • A new job or promotion
  • Start your own business,
  • A happier life,
  • A new computer, 
  • A better relationship with your kids 
  • Relationship improvement with your extended  family 
  • Become a better person / less stressed 
  • lose weight
  • not to procrastinate anymore
  • getting things done 
  • ………………… the list is endless.

We go along day by day unsatisfied and deep down we think sometimes is that what I am supposed to do here. Can you relate to that?

Take Action today and change your life, create your very own vision board. Sign up to our 10 Day vision board challenge. It is free. 

10 Day vision board challenge 

Which Celebrities believe and achieve their goals with a vision board?

                                                                                                                                                                          It’s been a part of the motivation speaker’s mantra for many years. Find someone who has or is doing what you want and model what they do.

When you see successful people who use vision boards, you can see how they attracted a new partner or won an award that means everything to them.

You can do the same thing by following their path to success. Here are four successful people who created the life they desired.

vision boards how they work

Steve Harvey-

Steve loves life. You can tell by watching his television programs and hosting gigs. He is one of the most powerful believers in not only vision boards but taking action and making sure the universe knows what he wants.

Steve has multiple vision boards for every purpose. He knows how to think and takes massive action on giving back while receiving his blessings from the universe.

Katy Perry-

Katy is an award-winning singer. She got a very early start with vision boards. In grade four, her teacher explained to the class what a vision board was and how to make your dreams come true.

Katy searched for images of Selena, who was her favourite singer and who had won a Grammy for her efforts. In the centre of her vision board, Katy posted a picture of Selena holding her Grammy.

Oprah Winfrey-

Oprah comes from very humble beginnings. She worked hard and got into television before starting her own very successful television show. The idea of a vision board didn’t come to her mind until she had a meeting with Michele Obama and a few other powerful women.

Michele asked for her friends to visualize her husband, Barack becoming President of the United States.

Oprah’s first board was fairly simple and included a picture of the dress she would wear when Barack Obama was elected president. Since then Oprah continues to use vision boards and taught a master class on how to create a powerful vision board.

Ellen DeGeneres-

Ellen is an outstanding comedian and television host. However even as successful as she is, there are things she desires to bring into her life and uses vision boards to make that happen.

Ellen is a huge fan of Oprah Winfrey and loved her magazine, called “O.” Oprah used the magazine to promote herself and did not put other people on the cover. That didn’t stop Ellen.

She started doing mock-ups of herself in various clothing and putting herself on her mock cover of “O.” This not only put out her dream to the universe, but it also attracted Oprah to understand how much Ellen desired to be on the cover. Oprah made it her mission, to make Ellen’s dream come true and Ellen got her “O” cover as she desired.

There are still other Celebrities who believe in the vision board. Like John Assaraf, Jim Carrey, Sarah Blakley, Whitney Cummings, Kellan Lutz, Cardi 5, and so many more. 

Vision boards work, not everyone believes in it but they do work. I have created my success with vision boards. 

Take Action today and join our 10 Day Vision Board Challenge. You are guided through step by step to create your vision board. 

10 Day vision board challenge

Come and join us, take the time and create the vision of your life you always dreamed about. Take the first step to change your life today. I don’t ask you to move mountains… I just ask you to become happier… but if you love to move mountains you know everything is possible. 

John Assaraf imagined his dream house on his vision/dream board. 5 years later he is living in his dream house. 

The Formula for A Vision/Dream Board = the visual creation

                  ……………….mix it  with attention and vibration

add the emotional energy  =  the Law of Attraction in Action

Join our 10 Day Vision board challenge, you will love it. You are guided through step by step to create your vision board. It is free…

10 Day vision board challenge

Watch the video with Oprah and Steve Harvey…

Please share with your friends. It is fun creating a vision board. 

All yours Sylvia 


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