The Manifestation Millionaire Review

Is the Manifestation Millionaire a Scam?

What is your greatest wish, become financially free and live the abundant lifestyle, find the perfect partner and get married.

If your answer is yes, then I would say read on with the Manifestation Millionaire Review.

Are you one of the millions of people who struggle with daily life and just making enough money month to month. You are hardworking and overlooked with most of the job promotions.

This Manifestation Millionaire is then definitely for you. Unveil the secret of living the life of your dreams. Darren Regan is a perfect solution for your situation right now. This Manifestation Millionaire program has become famous, and I have to say I am always sceptic about programs like this.

I do a lot of mindset and meditation, and yes I believe in the law of attraction. But this Manifestation Millionaire program I have to admit it is excellent, and it brings results in a short time. Please take caution and read this sentence carefully. “Many people out there just buying the Manifestation Millionaire, and do nothing with it, then they complain and say it does not work…. of course, it does not work when you not even read through it and use it according to instructions.”
The Manifestation Millionaire has become quite a favourite product among the people worldwide who follow the instructions. It is enlightening and guides you in developing skills, it teaches you being aware. It gives you a perspective to think in a different dimension the Manifestation Millionaire program has changed step by step the lives of many people.


It is like a reset switch of habitual thinking and helps you to overcome your blockages. The Manifestation Millionaire Program will help you to achieve your deepest desires to riches and success. If you are eager to know more and want to improve your life in different areas like wealth and money, love and power, etc. than please read this review about the Manifestation Millionaire.

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The Manifestation Millionaire Review

We jump straight in no talk around. The Manifestation Millionaire does it works or is it a Scam as many scams out there about the Law of Attraction, get rich quick and what they are all called.
Darren Regan created an insightful program that will teach you about the skill of tapping into your power of creation in different ways to become a millionaire.

Become a Millionaire

It explains the rewiring of your brain and amazing personal growth concepts, new mind-transformation methods and specific manifestation techniques. Every Money goal is achievable with the right mindset.
Darren Regan unveils the success in every part of life.

He made it his mission to help as many people who are unhappy with the current situation to achieve a life of what you desire and deserve. The Manifestation Millionaire outlines with easy to follow guidelines, and essential points for a successful manifestation. Darren discusses how each person can use a combination of these methods to create a wealthy and happier life.

Tell me how does the Manifestation Millionaire eBook Work?

The Manifestation Millionaire ebook uses human psychology and the ability to self-program the brain to achieve the desired life goals. It works with a perception of the mind and will guide you in thinking about how to enhance your mental skills and widen your horizons to a extend what you thought is impossible will be possible.

The Manifestation Millionaire program helps individuals in creating financial abundance and wealth regardless of their status, background or history.

Anyone who is willing to open their mind and willing to learn and take action can do it. It gives you a step by step guide to ways how to leverage the power of the universe and to efficiently achieve the transformation of your life.

The Manifestation Millionaire ebook is also offering a detailed report called the “Money Code” which will reveal the secret to activating your self about creativity to more success, happiness and wealth. This course teaches you different ways of focusing on training your brain to start thinking like a millionaire.

Ready to take action, Manifestation Millionaire download here.

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get the Manifestation Millionaire Review

What are the benefits using The Manifestation Millionaire?

Being curious what life has to offer.
When your Mindset is changing your brains gets automatically rewired to think more proactively. The level of consciousness increases in every aspect of your life, you are seeing things in another light and take a different approach to reach your goal.

You can live every moment of your life to the fullest and success is a big part of it. Happy people achieve more than unhappy people.

Life with a deeper meaning:

The more understanding you get on how your brain works and functions the more in-depth you will unveil the secrets to life. Nothing becomes impossible, and there are no restrictions on what you can achieve. There is no limitation on what you can do. You develop a stronger connection with life.

Planning and secure a financial future:

With the Manifestation Millionaire Program, you can learn and reveal the secret to an abundant life. Limitations are illusions of your mind. The famous words from the bible are
” Ask, and it is given.” We only need to open our minds and learn how to receive.
( I love this example you are holding in the left and right hand each 500 hundred dollars in 10 dollar bills,(1000 Dollars) you are holding it very tight as you do not want to lose it. The universe is sending you another 50.000 Dollar in 100 Dollar bills. Now the universe is asking you open your hands and receive, the 50.000 Dollar. You have 20 seconds to open your hands and receive, what is your first reaction? You probably want to hold on to the money you are holding in your hands ….. if so then you are not able to receive more as to receive more you have to let go. Sometimes we have to let go of things we are holding on to, as they are holding us back to move on and receive more )

Dedication to the Program

If you are looking and think this program makes you rich overnight, it has a magic wand that you swing and sim -sala- bim you are rich without any effort or change than I am sorry to say Manifestation Millionaire is not for you.

It always takes a few ingredients to make a cake the same it is with changing your life. You will need “Dedication, Persistence, Passion, hard work and Action to be able to turn your life around. Only then you are on the path to observe and get the real meaning of this guide.

Pros about the Manifestation Millionaire Program
Unlike other products that share the same theme, The Manifestation Millionaire stays true to reality and attempts to bridge the gap between your old ideas, and an abundant new reality you can create for yourself. Does it work? The short answer is, “Yes,” but it requires you to understand and follow specific instructions. In short, you need to be coachable.

Cons about the Manifestation Millionaire Program

The concepts of The Manifestation Millionaire and the Law of Attraction may sound absurd to some people. It requires folks to change the perception of becoming wealthy, and learn a new way of manifestation techniques based on newly discovered science involving the Brain, Heart, and emotional aspect of it. This may sound a bit strange to some people. It is a proven fact that the Heart and Brain coherence plays a big part in meditations and successful manifestations.

The Manifestation Millionaire is only available as a digital download


Many contemporary scientists believe it is the underlying state of our physiological processes that determine the quality and stability of the feelings and emotions we experience. The feelings we label as positive reflect body states that are coherent, meaning “the regulation of life processes becomes efficient, or even optimal, free-flowing and easy,”[160] and the feelings we label as “negative,” such as anger, anxiety and frustration are examples of incoherent states.

All in all, I can recommend the Manifestation Millionaire to those who want to transform their lives. The program teaches you a proven and effective way to get the things that you desire with the Law of Attraction and the Law of Success.

The Manifestation Millionaire is inexpensive and teaches efficiently to re-program your mind. It is a compelling product that aims to help individuals to accelerate their success, and have more fulfilling and meaningful lives.
The Manifestation Millionaire guide comes with a 60 Days money back guarantee. So what is holding you back try it out now…If you are not happy with it you get the money back.

Manifest your thoughts
be a millionaire

You are still uncertain in deciding to buy the Manifestation Millionaire. Then make the test if you qualify to become a successful, happy and live a life of abundance.


make the test to be successful


If you want to live a more fulfilling life and wish to be happy and experience the abundant lifestyle, I would say go for it.
Say YES to this opportunity, and you landed on this page because deep down you know you want more from life.

A free gift for you download the 3 Visualizations that will Materialize Real Wealth.

3 visualizations that will materialize real wealth

Do come back if you decide to change your life now. Love to hear from you. How did the Quiz turn out for you?

Have you done the Law of Attraction before?





Another freebie if you love to read download the free ebook from Napoleon Hill “Think and Grow Rich “. Old Book but still a Bestseller.

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All the bestSylvia
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22 Replies to “The Manifestation Millionaire Review”

  1. I’ve read that book from Napoleon – what I’ve gleaned, it focuses on desires and our minds as the nucleus to all of our economic achievements – and that if we can conceive it and hold on to it till it becomes a burning desire, we can behold it in our hands.
    It’s sad that we want a business that pays in weeks and forgetting that wealth creation is a process – like planting in the fall, weeding and nurturing before harvest.

    1. Hello April
      I read Napoleon Hill over and over again. Every time I discover something new. Sometimes things become more clear what I understood reading the book but it didn’t click. You have read the book well when you understand his sayings. I love this quote “There are no limitations to the mind except those we acknowledge, both poverty and riches are the offspring of thought.” Napoleon Hill it is so correct and so wise.
      This is another quote what goes well with the Brain A Thon from John Assaraf It is a free online event and it goes for 6 hours so take the time and enjoy it.

      Our minds become magnetized with the dominating thoughts we hold in our minds and these magnets attract to us the forces, the people, the circumstances of life which harmonize with the nature of our dominating thoughts.” Napoleon Hill
      Atma Namaste

  2. The Manifestation Millionaire. I must admit, the name of this really caught my attention. I’m into the law of attraction, and being a millionaire would be nice, so you got me intrigued right away.

    One thing I always seem to neglect to do – and I see this mentioned everywhere with regards to manifesting – is meditate. I mean, I’ve tried to do it, but just can’t seem to ever “get in the zone”, so to speak.

    Is this just a book, or videos as well? I’m definitely interested.

    1. Hi Darren

      It is a digital download e-book. It comes with

      a.Millionaire Mindset Affirmation( the affirmations your mind cannot argue with you)

      b.The Laws of Wealth Manifestation

      c.Manifestation Mastermind

      d.5-minute Supercharger Series

      Meditation cannot be learned quickly it comes with practice.
      In the beginning, start with 15 minutes and concentrate on one sound be aware of your surroundings. In time you get better, the Law of Attraction needs only around 1 min to stay in an intentional vibration to access the vortex, out of 15 minutes if you are 3 minutes with a quiet mind it is the same as you take a 90 min relaxing spa treatment. Practise and you see day by day you improve, there will be days where you are out of sync but that is ok, this is normal the effort, and the continue is that what count. A habit forms after 21 days than it is in your mind like an imprint and you will not forget it to do. I have created a mind movie you can download it here.

      Thanks for stopping by

      Have a great weekend


  3. Hi, Bienissima. In reading your excellent review, I attempted to keep an open-mind on what this book Manifestation Millionaire would have to offer to people who make a purchase of it.

    I say this because a dozen years ago, I got involved with an online business venture that, as its main focus/product, also dealt with the laws of attraction, motivation to succeed and so on. The company, an MLM business also was a complete scam in fact long after I wisely left having lost a few thousands bucks along the way, they were to not only be the subject of many class-action lawsuits coming from disgruntled members, but in addition finally this company got shut down by the U.S. Feds back in around 2011 or so.

    So this book that is featured in your review is meant to re-program a person’s mind towards always being positive, believe that anything can be achieved if one tries hard enough, and have a proper mindset towards having success within any number of realms within a life.

    Sounds good, but I also am aware of dozens of books and programs that say pretty much the same thing.

    This book obviously is not meant to be a product for a person to earn money directly off of it – essentially a business such as what Wealthy Affiliate would teach a person how to build. This book obviously would not include educational training, tools (to build a website and also have it hosted) and finally community support that would directly help a person create income for him/herself in an online business.

    I can only conclude that Manifestation Millionaire’s main purpose would be to serve the person in an enlightening, motivational and positive factor whereby beyond that the individual would have to find a business opportunity that would allow him to succeed.

    You did a great job in providing info about this digital book. Hopefully it is nothing at all like the product that was supposedly featured in that MLM online opportunity that only proved itself to be a 100% fraud, my joining as I greedily wanted to gain “financial freedom” promised by a bogus company. Instead a powerful lesson was learned by me in what you “think” you see. However instead, it was nothing but a mirage!


    1. Dear Jeff 

      Manifestation Millionaire is a great program that works on your subconscious and super conscious mind. It is not not a manual guide or platform that will help you to start your Business. It is a book that will help you to fulfill your dreams with the help of the Law of Attraction. It will teach you that everything is possible if you want it and not resist it. 

      The book manifestation millionaire will not build you a website and will not give you training for starting a business. ( It is never mentioned anywhere you might have mixed that one up ) 

      Said this the Law of Attraction will not work if you have no intention and no action to use it. 

      Take the example of starting a business, if you always postpone the start of a business because you wait for the right moment or the right time, you never start. The same goes for when you start a business and do not take action to make the company successful the company/business will 100 percent fail. ( Action and Intention) 

      By so many people the law of attraction is misunderstood, it is not a magic wand that swings around simsalabim, and your wish is fulfilled. 
      The Law of attraction is the intention of what you want but leaving the how to the Universe. It will provide you with opportunities you need to act on as it will not fall from the sky into your arms. The Manifestation Millionaire is teaching you precisely that. The Law of Attraction does not understand a good wish from a bad wish ( do you know the phrase you get what you wish for ) that is what happens you receive what you asked for simple math.
      Thank you for stopping by check out my post about the law of attraction 
      Have a beautiful Day 

  4. Hi, great article! The law of attraction is an interesting concept and something I believe in and have thought about a lot. I will have to look into this book it looks very interesting. Wealth really is a mind-set, I believe that 100%. You mention that most people will purchase this book and not put it into practice. That is the hardest part of the process for me as well. Taking a principle or idea and putting it into practice takes hard work and strong motivation. loving the process of self improvement and enjoying little victories is key for me to continue to improve. Thanks for the great content, keep it up!

    1. Hello Evan 

      I am a strong believer that everything is possible and we are what we think. The Law of Attraction is there since ages but humans forgotten it as they are so caught up in their daily life not realizing they attract more of what they don’t want. The Manifestation Millionaire is a great Program and brings you back to basic on how the whole Universe is working and how you relate and fit into this energy cycle. 

      I love when you said “taking a principle or idea and putting it into practice takes hard work and strong motivation” this is so true . 

      Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day 

      Atma Namaste 


  5. Hi Sylvia,

    Nice article about the law of attraction.

    I’m just curious, have you actually bought and experienced the Manifestation Millionaire and if so what kind of personal results did you get?

    It would be great to hear of your personal experience with this and it would make a much more powerful article if you added that in.

    I believe in the law of attraction, however my belief is that most people get it the wrong way round. They think that the results come from an external source.

    I do not believe this to be true. I believe that it comes from within.

    I do not believe that you attract success to you. The word educate means to ‘draw from within’. It is not to teach you new stuff, but to show you how to extract what is already there.

    I think the Law of Attraction works the same way. As you surround yourself with the elements you deserve or desire, it likewise extracts the success you want from yourself.

    It seems a lot of the program, works in the same way. Creating the mindset that will trigger the extraction!

    Good job and nice writing!


    1. Hello Tim 
      You are right the law of attraction comes from within you. But to use it you must first understand to awaken it. It has all to do with the subconscious and the superconscious mind. ( I did not make a typing mistake it is the super consciousness) 
      There are different levels of consciousness. All of us given a great gift of power ( Law of Attraction), but unfortunately not many are using it, and when people use the law of attraction they do not understand where it comes from and how it will change your thinking. The first change starts in the mind as Joe Dispenza says it is a rewire of one’s brain. 
      Yes, I bought the program as I wanted to try it, and I have to say the way it teaches us is unique and it is like it makes sense. I started with it, and in the first three weeks I played the lottery and won 3 x in a row. First 300 Euros, the second time 350 Euros and the third time 688 Euros. I stopped playing as I just wanted to have proof for myself that I am doing it right. All the money I won I sent to charity. I agree with you the Law of Attraction is about perception. I love the example of the famous painters. When they are alive, they were poor, and their paintings did not sell so well. When the famous painters died, overnight they became famous. Why? The perception of the people changed. 

  6. This is a very interesting article. I too am a believer in the law of attraction for many years now. Its very easy to say something does not work. Especially when you do not take the time to read or practice anything. this is a very well written article. How long have been involved with this program? And your right about knowing more about how your brain works. I believe the more you know the more you will grow. Thanks

    1. Dear Mike 

      Yes, the law of attraction is a great tool the universe has sent us. I have to say a lot of things I would not have achieved if I am not a firm believer in the higher power. I love the law of attraction, and when I drive into the city, I always have a parking space waiting for me where I want to go. 
      The one thing a lot of people forget is that the universe does not differentiate between the good and the bad, what you wish for with your emotions and vibrations you will receive. 
      I am involved in that program for nearly one year now, and I have to admit it is excellent. It has finetuned my experience.
      Cheers Sylvia 

  7. Hello! Your site is very intriguing! I also believe in the Law of Attraction and am a huge fan of Wayne Dyer quotes and teachings. We can absolutely direct our lives exactly how we want them to be! Being mindful of positively and how we speak words into existence is the key element to making a change for the better. Your Manifestation Millionaire series sounds wonderful and I look forward to getting more information as I browse your site! Continued success to you!

    1. Hello Erin 

      I am a huge fan of Wayne Dyer too; I love the book he wrote wishes fulfilled. It comes with a beautiful Meditation, and the meditation is excellent. It quietens your mind. I love the Law of Attraction, and I believe you are what you think. The Universe does not judge into good and bad it fulfills your wishes what come with vibrations.  We are so much indulging in our daily life that we are not aware of our thoughts. The Manifestation Millionaire is a good program as it makes you aware of so many things you do unconsciously what might jeopardize your success. 

      Have a great Wednesday 


  8. Thanks for the article, I was very intrigued by your description. As a life long entrepreneur I can attest to the fact that creating and maintaining that right mindset is vital to your long-term success. Sometimes we lose our way and forget this very basic principle, so products like this are not only good for the new entrepreneur, but can serve as a good reminder (or refresher course) for all of us.

    1. Hello David 

      You are so right when the daily routine kicks in than we usually forget that the Law of Attraction will manifest the good and the bad depends on our mood and vibration. I try to stay positive throughout the day, but I am also human and fall into the trap of manifesting the things I just got angry about it. 

      The Manifestation Millionaire is an excellent program, and it has small tips and reminders how to be calm when you start boiling up from the inside. 
      Have a beautiful day, 

  9. Hi Silvia,
    This is a great article as I am and have always been a big fan of the law of attraction and have a true belief manifestation. I have never purchased anything though because of my scepticism of the supplier’s knowledge or proof that they have manifested anything other than a sales pitch.
    This product though along with your endorsement is very attractive along with a few free items as well.
    Thanks again for sharing

    1. Hi Paul 

      Thanks for stopping by. 
      I am a great believer in the law of attraction. I use on a daily base alone for parking space, and it works every time. When I am, I can manifest very quickly. Good and bad things depending on my mood. I know it sounds strange but it is a real thing, and I have bought the product as I do not like to review things I did not experience myself. The author used a Technic known to me, but with his tactic, I could fine tune my manifestations. 
      I use a Meditation Technic with heart mind coherence. Wayne Dyer did a great you tube video of a meditation called “I am that I am” beautiful meditation try it out.

      Atma Namaste 


  10. I spent so much time on this article. I read everything, took the tests and watched the video from start to finish. This is so tempting and stimulating. But despite my interest, I have not decided to buy the book. And that is because I am not sure I would really spend the time to read or learn the contents. I had been through several platforms that involves dedication, learning, hard work and whatever else only for me to find out later that it is just one and the same thing. I felt like I just spent all my time trying to learn things and I am yet to see and enjoy the fruits of it. But I loved reading your article. I was so drawn by it. Great article.

    1. Hello Rebecca

      I understand you fully, I been there myself. Nowadays before I buy something, I will sleep over it, and if I feel the same the next morning, I usually buy it. I am a big fan of the Law of Attraction as my whole businesses I have now I build with the belief in the Law of Attractions. I made it a habit for me to read one book a week, and that gives me satisfaction to go through all the books and courses I ever bought and never used. Now I need to look around for new things as I do this already since ten years. Sometimes we have to stop learning and take action that is also a big part of the process of success. 

      I wish you all the best, and it is great to hear from you


  11. Thank God I came across this review! I can tell you put a lot of effort and thought into this article because there are so much content and detail! I love to improve my manifestation and peace. Living in the best mindset is amazing. I will give this ebook a shot! Thank you for sharing this. One question: What is your definition of greatness? Hope to see your response!

    1. Hello Marques 

      It is great to hear that you want to improve your manifestation. It is not always easy to stay focused and follow a system that brings the results you like to get with the manifestation progress. I have to say I used many programs until I came across the Manifestation Millionaire this one and it does work. I got already the small success in a short time. I won already the lottery 3x in a row, and I am happy it works. You want to know how much first time 300 Euros, second time 350 Euros and last Saturday I won 688 Euros. 

      What I think about greatness, well I can say that everyone is excellent in their way. Greatness is not measurable as for everyone it has a different scale. If you look at the famous painters, most of them became famous after they died. The painting did not change; the only thing what changed is the perception of the people on what is a great painting and what is not, That is my opinion. What is yours?

      Cheers Sylvia 

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