The Best Online Platform. A Wealthy Affiliate Marketing Review.

Wealthy Affiliate Marketing Review. A different approach to a standard review. 

Wealthy Affiliate Marketing is an online Training Platform that teaches you how to create and grow your online business.  In short, it teaches people how to make money online.  This is not the standard review of Wealthy Affiliate. It is an insight into what is possible and what you can achieve if you take action. 

wealthy affiliate marketing review

What is Wealthy Affiliate teaching you?

 How to create a website?

Tips on choosing your niche.

Get organic traffic to your website. ( SEO) 

Learn how to use Bing and Google Ads 

Best ways to monetize your Site.

Create a long-term business

➤ Understand what the A and the O for being successful is.

Why do people fail? 

The Entrepreneurs daily business plan 

and so much more…

The Owners, Kyle and Carson,

Both have been around for 18 years (established in 2005 ), helping hopeful and successful Internet entrepreneurs create and grow thriving businesses online.

Carson Wealthy Affiliate Marketing Co Founder
Carson Design Chief, Co-founder
Kyle Wealthy Affiliate Co Founder
Kyle Marketing Chief, Co-founder


The Wealthy Affiliate Marketing Platform is constantly updated. Especially in the last five years, many changes have been made to the platform to function better and improve the classes, training and affiliate BootCamp. In general, adjust to the ever-changing Internet market. 


The Platform has grown to 1.5 million members. You can access many tools for free that not every           Platform for Affiliate Marketing can offer.

There is a 7 Day Free Trial. When you sign up, no credit card details are required. 

wealthy affiliate marketing review

What is Affiliate Marketing in General?

Affiliate marketing is a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays a commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals.

It is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s marketing efforts.

It involves earning a commission by promoting a product or service made or sold by another retailer or advertiser.

A monetization model is where an affiliate partner is rewarded with a payout (commission) for providing a specific result to the retailer or advertiser.

Wealthy Affiliate Marketing Review

What are the Benefits of Affiliate Marketing?

Low risk:  Joining an affiliate marketing program is free; no investment is needed to start

Passive income: once an affiliate link is added to your post or website, you can earn from the sales without extra effort.

No customer support: the affiliate marketer is not responsible for queries or complaints about the products or services s/he is marketing. The retailer is responsible for resolving issues related to its products and services.

Flexible work schedule: as long as your blog or website is online, that’s all that is needed to work

Minimal business costs: all the infrastructure needed to start the affiliate marketing program is a computer, an Internet connection, and A website or blog.

No upfront money for products. 

How Are Affiliate Marketers Paid?

The most common method of payment is by pay-per-purchase. Other methods are also considered. Here are some of the payment methods:

  • Pay per sale: The standard payment method is used by most affiliate marketers to earn money. Users must buy the product or service by clicking the affiliate link, and the affiliate receives a percentage of the sale price of the said product or service. ( that does not mean that the product is more expensive. It is the same price as you see on Amazon, for example) PPS

  • Pay per click: Consumers are compensated when they click on their affiliate link, whether they convert to a lead or purchase. PPC

You can TRY Wealthy Affiliate for seven days free and easily join the community to propel your business to the next level. ( No credit card is required for signing up)

Join with only one click by scrolling over the banner.

wealthy affiliate marketing review


How To Get Started with Wealthy Affiliate Marketing.

Below is a step-by-step overview of how to get started with being an Affiliate Marketer:

Select a platform this can include blogging. Creating a blog is simple, but you must follow a few rules and invest your time. Wealthy Affiliate Platform.

➤ You monetise the blog by embedding affiliate links into your articles. 

You can use YouTube by incorporating branded products into your videos or use Social Media by posting photos that feature the product and including a link and explanation in the description.

Find your niche: with stiff competition on the Internet, pick a particular niche where competition is less intense,

For example, choose a particular method of dance, like ballet. Instead of just dancing, be more specific, and you have less competition. ( How too, you will learn at the Wealthy Affiliate Platform)

Build an audience: an audience is a fanbase. They will help you gain exposure. Build and maintain an audience by strategically adjusting your content to rank higher on Google and other search engines on the Internet, i.e., Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Connect with brands: with a platform and an audience, it’s time to start looking for affiliate marketing opportunities by joining an affiliate marketing program or reaching out to brands yourself.

Create affiliate content: instead of just putting any link onto your blog, embed only those that naturally fit within your content.

Content can include a list of product recommendations in a blog post, with promoted items included as suggestions,

YouTube tutorials on how to use a product,

A webinar to teach viewers how to perform a certain task, including relevant product recommendations, or a blog post offering tips or advice with incorporated product suggestions.

Get clicks/sales: to get clicks, make sales from your embedded links, which must be within the appropriate context. This can be done with a compelling call-to-action with visual content or a banner ad.

That sounds like a lot, but Wealthy Affiliate is there to help you and teach you everything you need to know. 

Wealthy Affiliate Marketing Platform is made for everyone, beginners or advanced marketers. 

 This platform is made for every type of affiliate marketer out there. Users are allowed to host their websites within the Wealthy Affiliate’s website platform. 

This platform offers full redundancy, daily snapshot backups, and security monitoring. All websites created for free have the extension. This can only be removed by purchasing their premium domain names and hosting offers. 

Premium Members receive one free domain and 5 Websites

Premium Plus gets 2 Domains for free and 10 Websites 

wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership for Internet Marketing Business

Wealthy Affiliate Marketing offers the following Advantages for you. 

Several business niches: Wealthy Affiliate will show you how to choose the direction of your business idea from over 1,000,000 lucrative niches. ( Deep dive Training videos available classes 1-4) 

These niches can range from cooking to sports to mechanics to books. Every business model and market is available to choose from, including sub-niches.

Wealthy Affiliate Marketing Niche research Magistudios

What are the Features you need to Succeed? Perfect for Beginners and Experts Alike. 

➤  Education: Master in Affiliate Marketing with industry-leading education.

➤ Support: Receive expert coaching when you need support or help.

➤ Jaaxy: Find millions of keywords and niches and spy on your competition 

➤ Websites: Get a fully customizable and responsive website and choose from over 3,000 theme designs and templates

➤ Hosting: Run an entire business from our fast, secure & reliable hosting.

➤ Networking: Wealthy Affiliate has an already existing network of more than one million elite affiliate marketers from whom to create your network and audience.

Build your Website with Wealthy Affiliate Marketing. 

Wealthy Affiliate will help you create your Website using a drag-and-drop builder based on already created website templates for different businesses, including e-commerce and dropshipping websites.

It also provides secure hosting for your website. You’ll use this to create content and embed links provided for affiliates from the different retailers online. ( own cache function, speed accelerator, email with the name of your domain, site support 24 hours, free pictures, site content with spell check )

wealthy affiliate marketing review

WA  uses WordPress hosting for your website. Anyone who knows how to use a computer can create their websites instantly. ( essential plugins are already installed.) 

You will go through the training on how to set up your website. ( Free Members can access the training for the five first lessons and get one subdomain website free) 

They also provide support for those who are stuck in design and development.

A free SSL security certificate is also provided.

Strategies for getting a Target Audience: the audience is what affiliate marketing is all about. Without an audience, you cannot sell. ( Talk to people in Live Chat.) 

Wealthy Affiliate Marketing is a great platform for people who love to learn. 

At Wealthy Affiliate, you will learn all about the most current traffic-gathering techniques and how you can get a sizeable number of relevant customers to your website. 

The Wealthy Affiliate Marketing program also offers training on setting up your online presence through video classes and a large community of fellow marketers from over 195 countries who are ready to help.

Strategies like how to rank using SEO, good hosting provider, fast page loads for your website, speed test, voice search, mobile friendly, free software and tools. More are available on how to implement such.

Unlimited revenue sources: millions of products are available to link to your website and serve your audience. Without spending a dime, you can promote all the top brands in the world through affiliate programs.

As a Wealthy Affiliate member, you will learn to choose from close to 600 million products/services and easily promote them on your website. No inventory. No shipping. No upfront money.

Affiliate Marketing Programs inside Wealthy Affiliate
This is inside Wealthy Affiliate. You can also choose your affiliate program and see the commission structure.

Here is what Members say about Wealthy Affiliate Marketing Platform. 

Wealthy Affiliate has also reviewed Trust Pilot. Most are 4-5 Stars. wealthy Affiliate start an online business today



Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It? |You can try it for 7 days free anytime! No credit card is required!

Yes, it is worth it. I have been a member since 2016 and earn money from different sites and niches in the 6 figure range. 

What are you waiting for…

You can try to see if it is for you.  You have nothing to lose.  It is $0 to start. Play around with some of the lessons to see how it goes.

Start with the Starter membership to test the platform and get a feel.  It might help to kick off your online business and steer you in the right direction.

Have a look if you already have an existing online business but have not yet made the break. It might help you to change your life finally. 

Click Below to join me in Wealthy Affiliate Marketing. I have a present for you, look me up. 

wealthy affiliate marketing review


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