10 Day Vision Board Challenge. Unleash The Power Of Your Mind.

Celebrities like Oprah, Jim Carrey, Katy Perry, Steve Harvey and Sarah Blakley believe in boosting your Goals with a vision board.

vision board challenge for stars

Start Dreaming ....

Get clear on what your dreams are.

Get a fresh perspective

Put your dreams in order.

Live your Dreams

Take Action and see your dreams manifest now.

All You Need To Do What Other Successful People Know and Have Done.

In order to change your world on the outside, you must first change your world on the inside! 

Think about it.  

Most times when we’ve achieved something we wanted in life, it’s because we consciously set about visualizing already having it.

Sports stars do it all the time, they create a picture in their mind of kicking that goal, making that put, crossing that finishing line first.

And famous entertainers do it too. Celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Steve Harvey, Jim Carrey, Katy Perry, Ellen DeGeneres use the process you’re about to learn.

Sylvia Spurway, a very successful Entrepreneur used this secret to transform her business empire from good to great.  She knows the power to achieve success lies deep within each of us.

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Here are 5 ways her Vision Board Course will transform your life.

*Identify What You Really Want for your story to come true you need to write it

*Short Circuit Procrastination by creating positive affirmations you read daily

*Rewire Your Brain by substituting defeatist thoughts with “I can” or “I am” ones

*Make Dreaming Fun Again so you start connecting to your true desires

*Embrace Newfound Confidence and self-esteem by having a plan and following it.

The 10-Day Course That Will Change Everything

In just 10-15 hours spread over 10 days, you will create your own Vision Board that encapsulates images that represent the future life you will have, and learn how to create and keep a daily routine of visualization so that success becomes the only option.

10 Day Vision Board ChallengeHere’s what you get:

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